Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 steak days. GAH! I was up to 125.9 the next day

The steak day dropped me to 123.1. The next couple days I tried some things I'd not tried in years... like a candy bar. Craving so for sure hormonal. Back up to 125.9. I did a steak day yesterday, though modified. I didn't want to skip my coffee with cream so I didn't sacrifice that and I also started eating my steak (split up) at 1:30 rather than waiting until dinner. Lost over 3 pounds and am 122.6! Seems to me it really is about carbs on these steak days.

I stabilized a couple pounds lower than I was "supposed" to last round and I never "had" to do steak days (though I did a couple times because I wanted to stay in the 130s). I didn't have that experience this round so I really hate having to do steak days, though I am thrilled that they work so well. Anyway, I am more anxious than ever to start my final round as I know I will get to exactly where I want to be and even if I need a steak day, I won't be anywhere near my high healthy BMI but right in the middle. That is so comforting.

This next round I may use lifecaps. Others found that their weight dropped faster and more dramatically using them. My last round was such a roller coaster, I would love the extra help. I didn't want to use them until I'd heard from others who have stabilized after using them in P2 and I've talked to 2 people so far who have stabilized. It apparently totally wipes out hunger as well (though that wasn't such an issue last round).

Anyway, feeling great today! I'm going to stick to low carb the next week and a half as we are camping over Memorial Day weekend and I want to be as low as I can before that. YES, I am taking my scale and steaks with me!! :)


Elisha said...

Lifecaps are great. They really curb the hunger and have helped me lose weight. I call them "My meal in a pill" LOL. At first I was taking 2 at a time. That might help you as well. I found that if you use Coupon code GoCaps you’ll save 33%.

helderheid said...