Wednesday, February 29, 2012

148 day 2 load

I figured I'll need 60 days on HCG to lose what I want to lost. First I thought 1 42 day round and 1 21 day round, then I thought 3 short rounds, and now I've decided 2 30 day rounds. I am so ready to get back into the clothes I had to buy after releasing all that weight before.

I did some research, and psyllium husk is apparently okay on P2! So glad to find this out, as this is how I've been making sure I get enough fiber in my diet and it's made all the difference in my digestion. If you have a sluggish bowel, take psyllium husk!

I have started taking Maca for hormone balance. Anyone out there have experience with Maca and HCG?

Today I had 2 huge steaks cooked in butter for my load today. No sugar. No junk. Coffee with cream, and 2 steaks. And wine. No wine for a month! I'll be very curious about the weigh in tomorrow.

VLCD 1 in over a year tomorrow!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

146 day 1 load

Today I mixed my HCG (forgot the pregnancy tests!) and began day one of my load.

I forgot how much I hate, hate, HATE loading. I get sick fast. I don't eat typical load foods ever.

Tomorrow will be a steak day load which should have me feeling better.

My daughter donated her long hair to cancer patients today. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I went to Costco and got my chicken, tilapia, asparagus, cucumbers, tobasco, and strawberries today! I'm set, aside from weighing and measuring each portion.

XOXO Load day 2 tomorrow, and then on to VLCD!

Monday, February 27, 2012

My mixing needles are in!


I will mix in the morning and begin my load tomorrow! I have all kinds of things which will make me ill, and I'll follow day 1 of loading with 2 large grass fed organic steaks. 

I've not had time to research the doctor LD mentioned in the last posts comments, but I'll look tomorrow. Also, in place of Melba toast and grissini, I'm going to take 1.5 teaspoons of psyllium husk and .5 teaspoons of maca root. It should prove interesting.

I'm excited and I'm ready. After I release the weight I want to release, I will do one round a year, loading Fat Tuesday, and doing my round during Lent. It just seems so appropriate to me!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'Twas the night before P2...

Well, here it is. My saline arrived today, and my amber vials arrived Saturday. I bought oil free shampoo, crystal deodorant, oil free moisturizer,  stevia, and a new food scale. I'm set.

So far the plan is a 2 day load. 1st day will be food I love and never allow myself to have, and the second load day will be 2 large steaks to counteract the sodium and still allow for a good load day. I may change my mind on this and only do the steaks, but I'm not sure. 

I'm nervous. It's been over a year since I've done this! I'm really hoping it's like riding a bike. I used to be able to answer questions with total ease about the protocol. I found myself scouring old notes to try to remember how to mix it! 

This works for me and is the only thing that has. I have enough HCG to get back to the 100teens. I should be able to maintain that with a P3 diet and a yearly HCG round. I'm hypothyroid and can expect to be careful about food combining for the rest of my life. That's fine by me! 

I'm scared and excited. I will need to scour the blogs to see who else is doing this again for moral support. I can't wait to fit in my jeans again!

XOXO, my lovies.

PS - I think I'll read my blog from start to finish tomorrow. :)  

Friday, February 17, 2012

It's official. I need another round. 147

I had so much shame wrapped into this before, I had a hard time coming to grips but the fact of the matter is, I've always been careful and this isn't my fault. My body does fine for 3 months post HCG and then I need to be ultra careful. Even then, things come undone. I would have done another round had it not been for the medical stuff I was dealing with. Because I couldn't nip it in the bud, it creeped up on me.

After a lot of research, I don't trust the company conducting the heavy metal urine tests. If it were just a scam, meh. The fact that treatment can cause death; I need another opinion. They only test your urine with a drug to provoke the metals and then compare them to normal tests of the average population. They're supposed to test your urine without the provoking agent and then with it and compare those results.

So, all this said, I'm planning on one 42 day round and one 21 day round. This should get me to where I need to be. I also know that for maintenance as a hypothyroid person, this will need to be done annually or bi-annually. Period. You know what? There's no shame in that. 3 weeks once or twice a year? Sign me up.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012