Sunday, March 23, 2014

Post round update 2 - 122.4 - 6.2 pounds under LDW

I went to the doctor to address memory issues I've been having. As you know, I have hypothyroidism and right before I started my last round, she adjusted my medication up as my thyroid had crashed again. Well, because of the memory issues, the first thing she wanted to rule out was hormonal imbalance. I have to say, I was worried, especially since my medication had already been tweaked before the round. The numbers came back wonky. I was beyond relieved. It not only explains my memory failings, but also very possibly why this round was so hard.

Now as to why I'm losing weight post round... My stomach has been in knots ever since I stopped. I suspect I'm having similar issues that Lavender Diva has had processing fat post round. I'll keep an eye on it. I'm now just 7 pounds over my ultimate goal weight. Too weird! 

Once my inlaws leave, I'll have access to my exercise machine again. I plan on starting that routine. It's time I become the healthiest person I know.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Post round update

VLCD 41 - 130.8 - obviously a no dose day. I did a steak day with lean steak and my first day of P3 was 127.2! 

I then dropped to 126.4, then up to 126.6. Today I am 127. Totally in range. I'm wearing a size 6 (though admittedly it fit better at 126.4/126.6 than at 127 - being as short as I am, it makes all the difference).

It was, by far, the hardest round I've ever done, but even though I didn't lose the 20+ pounds I'd counted on losing, 15 is still phenomenal. I'm thrilled to be back in the 120s and only about 10-12 pounds from my ultimate goal weight. I'll do a short round somewhere down the road and will be vigilant about staying at or under my last dose weight. 

Thanks for walking with me on this one!


Monday, March 10, 2014

VLCD 40 - 129.6

VLCD 39 - 129.2 (no dose)

Obviously I didn't dose today either. I didn't drink enough water yesterday, as I was running around until late. That said, unless I drop 1.5 pounds or more tomorrow, I am done! I had hoped for more, but almost 15 pounds is better than a stick in the eye. :) I can manage at this weight. I want to lose another 10 from my last dose weight, but that is certainly doable, even if it takes a year. Hell, if I just drop 5 in the next year and do a short detox round, that'd do it.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

VLCD 38 128.6


Today I craved steak so I did about 450 grams of super lean steak - basically a steak day with a handful of strawberries. I am so very full. It makes me nervous how full. :) hopefully good news tomorrow. I really want to continue to see a 12 in front of my 3 digits on the scale. I'm at the place in this round that if I gain, I won't dose and count 128.6 as my last dose weight. If I lose, I keep going. If I gain and then drop below 128.6, I'll dose again and count THAT as my last dose weight unless it drops, etc., etc., but I will be done no later than Wednesday so I'm in P3 when my inlaws arrive the 16th. That's my plan!

Friday, March 7, 2014

VLCD 37 129.4 happy, oh happy day!

To be back in the 120s was such a wonderful feeling this morning. Even if I didn't lose any more, I could stabilize low enough to be back in a normal weight. Ahhhhh, this is assuming I don't gain. :) I had hoped to be about 7 pounds lighter at this point, but I'll tell you what, this beats the hell out of 142. 

5 more days to go.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

VLCD 34 131.2

Post apple day. I'm so happy to see a drop. Here's hoping I continue to drop. If I can just get under 127...

Monday, March 3, 2014

VLCD 33 133.8

Yesterday showde no change. I felt well enough to add extra calories, and managed to get around 750. 

I don't think I've ever gone 11 days like this. I'm very, very discouraged. I'm tired. 

I'm grateful for the 10 I've lost from the start. Really grateful for that. I'm also so glad I'm out of the habit of eating what I had started last year. Back to what I know works best for me, which is basically a P3 diet, with P4 thrown in only on special occasions. 

Today I'll do an apple day. .

Saturday, March 1, 2014

VLCD 31 133.2 day 9 of torture

Well, there's no way in hell I'll meet my original goal. Now I'll be lucky to see the 120s at all. If I can just get to below 127, I'll be in a normal range again. *crycrycry*

Friday, February 28, 2014

VLCD 30 133

I've not been feeling so hot so I've not had the extra calories. Some days I eat protocol but skip the veggies because I know I need to get at least the protein in. I rarely reach 500 calories.

I'm eating 2 bags of cooked spinach right now. Wish me luck.

Friday, February 21, 2014

VLCD 23 132.6

Yesterday I had a small tick up to 135.6. I about fell off the scale this morning with a 3 pound drop from that! 

Extra protein seems to be making a difference. I have to wonder when there's less fat to release if the body feels the need to hand onto it with less protein. I'm less than 7 pounds from being considered a normal weight. I know when I had more to lose, fewer calories worked better.

I've also been working hard on dissecting the emotional poisons that I have been dealing with, and finally feel very close, if not there, to letting it all go. I need to understand it before I can do that, including others' roles. I've made tremendous progress. I feel really good.

So, here's my average so far this round: .42 pounds a day. I normally count on about .5. It'll be interesting to see if that average improves, which, knock on wood, I think there's a real possibility it will!

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

VLCD 21 135

Wow. I didn't cut out the fruit. I ate protocol but added an additional 250 grams of ultra lean steak for a total of 770 calories. 

If I want to end the round, today would be the earliest to do so, being day 21. That said, I have enough for 21 more days and will now go on unless or until my body says no more, or I reach the end of my supply. I think I may have needed more calories. This happened in a previous round.

I was so relieved to see that number on the scale! Having lost only 5 pounds in 20 days was so frustrating. 7 in 21 sounds so much better. Onward. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

VLCD 20 137

So, in 20 days I've managed 5 pounds. I should have released twice this so far. Yesterday I stuck to the normal protocol thinking maybe all I needed was the boost from the spinach. 

I'm depressed. I hate this. I think I've done too many rounds and my body is done. I hate that I lost my mind this last year as I don't know how to undo the damage. I start again today with more protein, fewer/no fruit and I'll keep going as planned.

One huge benefit is the break in pattern of eating the way I had in the last year. I needed the pattern interrupt. I have to find the positive here.

Monday, February 17, 2014

VLCD 19 136.2

It worked... Kinda. I'm still .4 higher than 2 days ago.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

VLCD 18 138.2

Yesterday I weighed in at 135.8

Something is wrong.

I weigh my food, I log every gram, I drink my water.

I'm  near tears with frustration. 

Since this isn't working, I'm going to change tactics. I don't have enough apples for an Apple day, but I have enough protein to eat nothing but that. Screw it.


It will be painful. I made and ate 2 huge bowls of creamed spinach soup. Basically 2 bags of spinach boiled, salted, and blended into a slimy pulp. I remember in past rounds this always resulted in a gastronomical event that was extremely painful but with beautiful results on the scale.

I also remember a round where increasing my calories to 750 resulted in jump starting my losses, and having great ones. I'm doubling my protein today. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

VLCD 16 136.8


Same meal yesterday as the day before, except I had my strawberries. About 370 calories total.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

VLCD 15 135.8

I only ate half my calories yesterday. I felt ill and had a fever. I'm better now - full appetite back. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that. Ha ha. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Excuse my language...



JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

VLCD #13 - 137.8

Well, back to the land of frustrating rounds, however, I am not going to complain. Here's what the last few days looked like:

VLCD 11 139.6 - no change from the previous day

VLCD 12 139.4 - meh.

Today, almost a 2 pound drop! I remember past rounds that were like this. Several plateau days followed by a beautiful drop. If I can continue like this, I still have a shot of reaching my goal of 119, or at least close to it. I must remain focused, especially on the days when it feels like this isn't working for me despite my efforts.

I'm working on the emotional crap that I'm releasing along with the weight, however, it's extremely personal and I'm thinking it may not be necessary to share just goes to show that it's important to be vigilant with one's emotional health as well as physical. I neglected both, especially this last year when things came to a head for me in several areas of my life. I finally feel a sense of naked freedom when it comes to that.

On a much lighter note, I have discovered that so long as I can have soup on this protocol, I'm happy. My favorite is asparagus (creamed) and tomato basil. I'm so pleased that I'm still enjoying it! I've also discovered a fun recipe for my cooked frozen strawberries. Normally I make them with cinnamon and vanilla stevia, but I've started adding a splash of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of cayenne. Oh my GOD. This is really fantastic stuff!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

VLCD 10 - 139.6 - as I suspected

Not concerned. I had a hunch. Nothing more to report, really. I'm going to try to make onion soup!

Friday, February 7, 2014

VLCD 9 - 139.2 - hoorah!

So happy to be back in the 130s!

My breasts are achy and I've been crabby and hungry today, so I'm for sure having my period. I have a sneaking suspicion tomorrow I may see a gain. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised to see another strong release, but I'm trying to remain calm and not allow the scale to dictate my mood (unless, of course, it does go down and then I'll do another happy dance). :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

VLCD Day 8 - 140!

Yes! I must have started my cycle. I am so very happy to see this 1.6 pound drop overnight. My average per round is usually .5 a day. If I can get just a couple more days like this, I'll be back on track. I'm really hoping between the hormonal shift and the new thyroid dose, I'll see great progress. 33 days and 21 pounds to go. It sounds completely mad to believe that is in the realm of possibilities, but I know it is, especially if my body will make up for what it was holding onto the last week.

So, I'm in love with asparagus soup. I boil it with not a lot of water and garlic salt, and a pinch of cayenne. I then puree it. A bundle of asparagus is about 70 calories after the ends have been snipped off and I never eat the grissini, and simply make up those calories with veggies. This is so satisfying and delicious. 

I looked up cucumber recipes as I have about 7 large ones here. We're about to be snowed in until probably Monday, and the idea of eating them cold isn't appealing so I looked up baked cucumber recipes and soup recipes. I know! Cucumber soup? Hot?? It's not bad, people! I really quite liked it! I'll be having asparagus soup, cucumber soup, and onion soup until the weather gets nicer. :)

I mentioned in my last post the facebook page. I've been posting links to these recipes there, in case you're interested:


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Facebook page

Hey guys - in case you didn't know, I have an HCG Facebook group here.


I somehow screwed my days up... VLCD day 7 - 141.6

Day 1 load 142
Day 2 load 141.6
Day 1 VLCD 142.6
Day 2 VLCD 143.6
Day 3 VLCD 143.4
Day 4 VLCD 143.4
Day 5 VLCD 142.4
Day 6 VLCD 142.2 (yesterday)

Day 7, today, 141.6.

How did I get so screwed up??

So, in 9 days, 7 VLCD days, I've lost a whopping .4 pounds! WOOTTTTTTT!!!

Ok, so shift. I know I'm doing everything right (though my plans of adding exercise has not been as successful as I'd like - so far, just 1 day and today I'm racing to get to work).

I have to treat this as a cleanse and let go. I'm on my new thyroid meds. Today I should start my "period" (and when I start my progesterone up again, I'll be skipping every Friday so my "periods" won't be as dramatic). What more can I do?

Monday, February 3, 2014

VLCD #4 142.4 - Finally, some movement!

Hooray!! I was remembering my first round and how every time I got on the scale, it felt like Christmas. Down, down, down! I would literally squeal. This round was feeling a lot more like Groundhog's Day (how appropriate). It was so good to see I released a pound. It's not much compared to the extremely frustrating start, but we're early in the round and if I have a few days like this, it will make up for it. I take progesterone and stop 4 days a month for my non-existent period, so I stop the same time every month. I always stop on the 4th. I think this somewhat regulates my cycle and would definitely put me in PMS. It will be very telling to see how releases continue this next week in particular. It would be so fantastic if we got rolling now.

I know it's a long shot, but my goal is to get to 119 by March 10. That's pushing it. Really pushing it. It would mean that in the next 35 days I'd need to release 23.4 pounds. I'm hoping my body will make up for the slow start, and as I said, I'm adding 30 minutes on the tread climber 5 days a week. This may be enough. I'll be thrilled to get to even the low to mid 120s, but I'm keeping my lofty goal. It's keeping me focused.

I have a doctors appointment this morning with the head MD at the practice I've been going to. She hasn't been taking new patients but is available now. She's apparently the hormone expert, especially when it comes to thyroid. I'm excited to meet her, but nervous at the same time. I need to tell her why I put on 15 pounds since the last time they saw me as well as explain I'm doing a round of HCG. Fortunately, many doctors are now aware of the protocol and open to it. Here's hoping.

Off to dose! TTFN!


I just got back from the doctor and loved, loved, loved her. She said my thyroid has tanked since last June (when my father's health crashed - he passed a month later). She's totally changing my dose and increasing my progesterone as well, both of which will help tremendously with my weight. YAY!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

VLCD #3 and it ain't pretty. 143.4

I took too long to update, but it's been crazy with work and family. In fact, I only have a few minutes before I have to run into the office and go over an inspection report with a client.

Pre-load weight was 142.

Post load weight was 141.6

I decided to add a 2nd load weight, this time just a steak day (but lots of steak and a little cheese).

Post load/steak day was 142.6

VLCD day 1 143.6
VLCD day 2 143.4
VLCD day 3 143.4

Needless to say, I'm frustrated. I'd hoped since I lost my mind the last year with the emotional roller coaster I was on and the emotional eating I did, that I would have more typical results. Most people lose the most in this first week.

Given I've had rounds like this where hunks fly off later, I am staying the course, albeit with the fear that this isn't going to work. I'm determined to go until March 10th. My in-laws will be here mid March. They saw me almost exactly a year before that and I was in the 120s. My brother is getting married the end of March. I am determined to ride this through.

I don't have a uterus and I do have ovaries, and I suspect I may have started my round during PMS. That's all I can hope. I'm weighing and logging every calorie. I even worked out Friday (a habit I want to form while doing this - just a half hour walk on the treadclimber week days).

I haven't delved into the why I'm here yet, but I will. I'm not angry at myself at all. Actually, learning not to be afraid of food was both liberating and educational.

Sorry I didn't respond to the comments on the last post. I have got to figure out how to set up getting notified when they come in. I am glad to see you guys here!!

I'm off to work!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello? Is this thing on? 142 - so much contributed to this

It's been about a year and I'm starting again. Last year was hell. Details will follow, I promise. I ate my feelings. A lot. 

Today is my birthday. 142! I have 41 days to go before my inlaws are here in March. Here we go. Watch out!