Monday, March 10, 2014

VLCD 40 - 129.6

VLCD 39 - 129.2 (no dose)

Obviously I didn't dose today either. I didn't drink enough water yesterday, as I was running around until late. That said, unless I drop 1.5 pounds or more tomorrow, I am done! I had hoped for more, but almost 15 pounds is better than a stick in the eye. :) I can manage at this weight. I want to lose another 10 from my last dose weight, but that is certainly doable, even if it takes a year. Hell, if I just drop 5 in the next year and do a short detox round, that'd do it.



lavenderdiva said...

Hey it happens. You lost 15lbs this round and that is nothing to sneeze at!! I truly believe that the closer you are to your ideal weight, the harder it is to lose that weight. Did you drink enough water today? Maybe you will lose that last 1.5lbs by tomorrow! fingers crossed for you!! Hugs-

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