Saturday, March 8, 2014

VLCD 38 128.6


Today I craved steak so I did about 450 grams of super lean steak - basically a steak day with a handful of strawberries. I am so very full. It makes me nervous how full. :) hopefully good news tomorrow. I really want to continue to see a 12 in front of my 3 digits on the scale. I'm at the place in this round that if I gain, I won't dose and count 128.6 as my last dose weight. If I lose, I keep going. If I gain and then drop below 128.6, I'll dose again and count THAT as my last dose weight unless it drops, etc., etc., but I will be done no later than Wednesday so I'm in P3 when my inlaws arrive the 16th. That's my plan!

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