Monday, March 3, 2014

VLCD 33 133.8

Yesterday showde no change. I felt well enough to add extra calories, and managed to get around 750. 

I don't think I've ever gone 11 days like this. I'm very, very discouraged. I'm tired. 

I'm grateful for the 10 I've lost from the start. Really grateful for that. I'm also so glad I'm out of the habit of eating what I had started last year. Back to what I know works best for me, which is basically a P3 diet, with P4 thrown in only on special occasions. 

Today I'll do an apple day. .


helderheid said...
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lavenderdiva said...

Oh Clarity! I'm so sorry that this round has been so cruel. I can't understand why this round has proved to be so challenging and frustrating!! I know that the weight will gradually come off with a P3 diet. Hang in there and don't put a 'due date' on yourself. I'm sending you LOTS of hugs!! XXOO

genius786 said...

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