Tuesday, February 12, 2013


That's more like it. It looks like the steak worked, as has adding extra protein. This is a reminder that every round is different.

So the hormones! I added in progesterone and my free T3 went up! My progesterone went from .75 (normal range I think is 6-11) to 6.75. WOW! I'm sleeping better and am having less anxiety.

I'm not really in the mood to write right now but felt I needed to report the successes! Thank you guys!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

132, over a week in and struggling

Hey all,

I'm really sorry I've not been as active here as I should. I've become addicted to my ipad, and it's so much easier to post here on my laptop.

I mentioned my hormones last post and this week I got my 3 month results of adding progesterone in and am in awe. So much has changed with my thyroid by adding the progesterone and my once off the charts low progesterone is now normal.

I am having what feels like an old fashioned period. Keep in mind I've been uterus free since 2003. My breasts are killing me. I'm craving like crazy. I've had mild versions of this, but this really brings back memories. My energy is finally returning as well.

All that said, this has been a tough round. I recall reading others who blogged about starting a round at the beginning of their periods. I didn't get it, but I sure as hell do now. It's been so hard. Cravings, hunger for no real reason, crying jags, aching breasts, and just a feeling of failure. All I want is a steak.

That said, I'm going to find the leanest steak tomorrow and that's what I'm eating.

I'm determined to keep going, but this has been really hard.

OH, and please read this:


I'll post tomorrow what my hormones were 3 months ago versus today. I'm absolutely astounded.