Monday, November 29, 2010

LM 112.2 (-1.8 of LDW)

Man, I'm late in updating!

I have been at 112.2 for 4 days. I'm still counting calories (well, not counting them per se but more being accountable by writing down what I'm eating so I'm conscious about the choices I make). I am truly blown away right now. My body is responding to calories in, calories out, not necessarily food combining which is what I depended on for years. I have small amounts of sugar every day, bread and potatoes. Before my weight would shoot through the roof when I did that. I am steady. I suspect the following:

I was 113 for yeeeeaaarrrs and I believe my body has grabbed on tight to this weight since it was a familiar one for so long.

I added the bread sticks last round.

I was much better about taking the multi-glandular support 10 days before P3 and throughout P3.

I think my thyroid medication, which was doubled a few months ago, has kicked into high gear.

Adding the carbs in small amounts is allowing my body to become used to them.

I'm walking a lot more.

So, there you have it. I am fascinated and delighted!

I see some of you (though not enough!) have updated so before I turn this off, I'll check on y'all.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

LM 111.1 ! (- 2.9 LDW)

Holy moly! I was shocked at the number but I have been running around like mad, so perhaps that and something hormonal explains it. Regardless, woooooohooooo! I've told you before, I see 11:11 quite a bit so this weight made me giggle! I don't expect it to last, buuuuut, I must say I think the grissini did, in fact, do the trick in allowing me to be less carb resistant. I'm not eating a ton of carbs by any stretch, but I am slowly adding in a little bread here, a little more starchy veggies there.

I am so VERY grateful for you, and so very grateful for this protocol! I am grateful to have my life back. I'm grateful for my family and our health.

”Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”― Aesop

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LM 113.3 ( -.7 LDW)

Still adding carbs and still losing! WOOT! Too busy to talk... I hope to at least have time to catch up with all y'all - I need more water today and have had salty stuff, so not so sure about tomorrow... we'll see!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LM 114.4 (+.4 LDW)

Again, sorry to be so absent, but I warned you! Busy busy! So busy I'll keep this ultra short but I wanted to say that I think I may truly have stabilized, and I think LavenderDiva was spot on about adding in the grissini during P2 to avoid being carb sensitive. The last few days I've had a rueben sandwich (regular bread and all!) AND mashed potatoes with cheese, and I actually dropped weight! I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic... :)

Okay, I have got to get back to it. Lots to do, so little time!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

LM 115.2 (1.2 above LDW)

Sorry for being absent! I'm beyond busy with work right now. I'll try to be better about checking in, but I reckon it will be a little less often than my usual chatty self!

It's CHAMPAGNE tonight! Woot! I had my closing on a house that has been a real trial from the beginning so it's a huge relief. The owners are good friends of mine and I can't help but take their stress on personally. Knowing they are totally taken care of now is such a huge relief!

So yesterday I was 115 and we had guests over. I ate pizza toppings including pepperoni (SALT CITY!) so I was truly surprised to see only a .2 gain!

I haven't been good about my water consumption either. In fact, after I post this I'm going to put on the pot for tea. I've GOT to be better!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

R5 Day 20 P3 114.6 -.8 (+.6 of LDW )

ALMOST have all the damage cleaned up from Sunday's disaster. .6 to go. Same eating plan today as yesterday.

I am so boring. I've got no news of any import. Just working, working, working. Today is property management work and tonight is a wine club organizer meeting, tomorrow I'm getting my hair done and showing homes, and Friday more homes to show. I'm not complaining! :)

XOXOX Off to check on you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

R5 Day 19 P3 115.4 -1.8 (+1.4 of LDW )

Thanks ALL y'all for the support yesterday! Ugh, that sucked. Not only was my weight so far up, but also I had heartburn all day long. I was miserable. Certain foods just don't agree with me and I should know better.

Okay, well, 1.8 down is EXCELLENT. As I said though, it's going to take serious work to get back the LDW. Yikes. Today it's coffee with cream, LOTS of water and tea, chicken and I have half a steak left over. Hopefully that will help knock that extra weight off.

I have one appointment after another so I need to flee, but I'll catch up with y'all first. :)

Thanks again!


Monday, November 15, 2010

R5 Day 18 P3 117.2 +3.2 (+3.2 of LDW ) - Recipe for DISASTER

We had dinner with friends. A roast that had slow cooked all day. No worries, I'll just have the meat and avoid the carrots and potatoes.

After having this tasty, extraordinarily sodium filled dish, I came to find it had cooked all day in BBQ sauce and a COKE.

Oh GOD. Damn, damn, DAMN! Damn.

Steak day, needless to say, but I believe it will be DAYS to recover. GAAAAADS!

I also only had 1 cup of tea and coffee, so obviously not enough to drink, and no "potty action" either.

Just Damn.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

R5 Day 17 P3 114 -.2 (+/- 0 of LDW )

Hooray for being at my LDW!

We have a new blog to follow, all y'all! Check out Fit Fab Forties! Hi, La La! I'm glad we found each other!

I have a fire in the pellet stove and a to-do list a mile long, but on a cold Sunday, I feel like just curling up on the couch and watching a chick flick. Oh well...

XOXOX off to check on YOU!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

R5 Day 16 P3 114.2 -.4 (+.2 of LDW )

I didn't expect that drop! I over did it with the calories yesterday so I'm quite surprised! Maybe something hormonal is shifting.

Sorry about the tease. I promise that as soon as things are official, I will share but until then, just know that positive things are brewing.

I've got so much to do so I'll end it here!


Friday, November 12, 2010

R5 Day 15 P3 114.6 (+.6 of LDW )

Looks like this is where my body wants to be. Again, I CANNOT complain as the last round was somewhat spur of the moment and I'm 2 pounds below R4 LDW. Still, not bad for having dinner at 9 pm!

Gads, guys, I have stuff I really want to share but I can't right now. It's all good though. As soon as I can, I'll let you know what's going on. :)



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

R5 Day 13 P3 114.6 (-.2, +.6 of LDW ) and POOFARTS!

Yesterday was 114.8. I really had hoped to be closer to 112, but I really cannot complain.

I'm super stressed so I'm spending more time on sites like to relieve it.

My husband videoed me cracking up. I didn't realize it at the time!

Monday, November 8, 2010

R5 Day 11 P3 114.6 (-.2, +.6 of LDW )

Well that was disappointing. At least it was a drop. Note to self: no more blue cheese at 9 at night.

I'm overwhelmed. Have I also mentioned I'm petrified of flying? God, I am having such a hard time with my stress.

I need to process this fear but I don't know where to begin. I should be excited, not scared. I'm really trying to transform that anxiety into excitement.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

R5 Day 10 P3 114.8 (+1.8, +.8 of LDW )

I knew it...

I am not upset as I know this is mostly water weight. We had a BBQ last night where I had a bunless sodium filled burger with cheese, as well as 4 devilled eggs and lots of wine. I wasn't concerned as I was under my LDW and I know a few days of watching the sodium and keeping my water up will knock that weight right back down.

I really don't have much to say. I'm just trying to get everything I need done, done. I'm slightly overwhelmed... :)

Okay, since this post is so drab, I bring you not 1, but 2 videos that had me in stitches yesterday:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

R5 Day 9 P3 113 (-1.4, -1 of LDW )


I'll take it!!!

Thanks so much, Susan! I was thoroughly freaked out yesterday but you put my mind at ease! I did a little more research and orange roughy will often cause that symptom! Eegads, as much as I love the flavor, I am never again touching that fish!!


Off to check in on you before I get going to the store. It will be 70 degrees today! We are so going to BBQ!

Friday, November 5, 2010

R5 Day 8 P3 114.4 (+.2, +.4 of LDW )

I'm surprised by my weight today as I hardly ate a thing with all my running around, but I also didn't get enough water in. Not a big deal, but I'd really like to be 112 by the time we take off.

This may be TMI for some of you so if you're grossed out, skip this paragraph. I had a strange and scary BM this morning where there was oil in my stool. I was afraid to google the symptoms as I tend to panic easily, but decided I better. There could be any number of causes but one that stood out was gallbladder issues. I remember reading in P&I about gallbladders having a rude awakening after P2 and I've experienced loose stools, but never oil in my stool. The other thing is that I ate orange roughy yesterday. I remember it made me gain in P2 and that it seemed particularly oily to me so I am wondering if that had anything to do with it. I am going to keep an eye on it and if it persists I'll get myself to the doctor but for now I'm not going to worry. I told my husband about it (the cool head between us) and he said he'd had it before. Didn't blink an eye.

Sorry if that was horrid but I thought I ought to share given we've all done rounds and in case it happens to you, then we have experiences to compare.

Another busy day, but mostly because I've got my kids home so we're going to the movies in about an hour. They deserve it. Both got As on their report cards. Celebrate!

Hearts and kisses to you! Time to check to see how all y'all are!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

R5 Day 7 P3 114.2 (-.2, +.2 of LDW )

Thanks for the feedback, guys! It seems 5 & 2 of the short cuts were the favorites... NEW question... Everyone seemed to like the longer hair with the layers... I can do that, but not that long without extensions. Shall I go for that same look but shoulder length?

Busy day ahead... Short day at school for the kids, then parent teacher conferences, then showing homes, then the Utah Wine Club officers meeting. Loooooooooooooooong day. If my kids do well enough, we'll hit Megamind tomorrow. :)

Off to drop off the kids and check in on you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

R5 Day 6 P3 114.4 (-1.8, +.4 of LDW )

Whew, that's better! Steak days work. I'm going to be a lot more careful given this is the time my hypothalamus is resetting. I got so used to eating P3 style in P4, I almost forgot we're still working here!

My candidate lost HANDEDLY. He only got 31% of the vote against a guy with only a high school education who doesn't believe in science. *SIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHH*

Okay, I need your advice. I know I'm going dark for winter with my hair, but I'm trying to figure out the style. My stylist has been going for this look, only shorter:

I like this, but am considering going even shorter. I'm just not sure. Here is me about 11 years ago with REALLY short hair:

Here are some ideas for hair I have:

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Anyway, I'd be curious what you guys think. My hairdresser thinks I should go as long as I can because of my face shape (which I totally got while I was overweight). My husband also prefers it a little longer, but I don't know - look 4 is awfully kicky! I like all the looks though.

Busy day today but I'm off to check on you all! Thanks again for alllllll your support and help!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

R5 Day 5 P3 116.2 (+.8, +2.2 of LDW )

What the hell?

I don't get it. Is it possible Costco roasted chicken is full of sodium?

Steak day. Good thing I'm busy. I have an appointment at 11 this morning, then I have property management work to do, and this evening at 6 I have 3 homes to show. I'll get my steak in at 5 before I leave.

Lots of water and tea today. I AM having coffee now with cream (I always do).




Monday, November 1, 2010

R5 Day 4 P3 115.4 (+.6, +1.4 of LDW )


I ate steak throughout the day thinking I could do a modified steak day and then FELL INTO THE DAMNED CHEESE CURDS LAST NIGHT. What's WRONG with me???

Lean protein and lots of water today, yessirree.