Thursday, November 25, 2010

LM 111.1 ! (- 2.9 LDW)

Holy moly! I was shocked at the number but I have been running around like mad, so perhaps that and something hormonal explains it. Regardless, woooooohooooo! I've told you before, I see 11:11 quite a bit so this weight made me giggle! I don't expect it to last, buuuuut, I must say I think the grissini did, in fact, do the trick in allowing me to be less carb resistant. I'm not eating a ton of carbs by any stretch, but I am slowly adding in a little bread here, a little more starchy veggies there.

I am so VERY grateful for you, and so very grateful for this protocol! I am grateful to have my life back. I'm grateful for my family and our health.

”Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”― Aesop


Nick and Meg said...

Yay for 111.1!!! wow! you are amazing!

Hey, check out my blog--I have questions about oral hcg. thanks!

Meg in utah

Amy said...