Tuesday, November 2, 2010

R5 Day 5 P3 116.2 (+.8, +2.2 of LDW )

What the hell?

I don't get it. Is it possible Costco roasted chicken is full of sodium?

Steak day. Good thing I'm busy. I have an appointment at 11 this morning, then I have property management work to do, and this evening at 6 I have 3 homes to show. I'll get my steak in at 5 before I leave.

Lots of water and tea today. I AM having coffee now with cream (I always do).





Lis said...

Weird?? Must be sodium... or TOM? Your steak day will take care if it I am sure. GOod luck on the houses!!!
And yes, I voted this morning before work!! My school was a polling place - non-stop action all day!!!

lavenderdiva said...

yes, I think the Costco roasted chickens have LOTS of sodium-- that's why they taste so good!

Keep drinking your water, and no doubt your weigh-in will be better this morning. Just eat clean today. It's definitely the sodium-

Amy said...

Yep, they not only soak them in brine, but inject them with salted, spiced liquids.