Monday, November 15, 2010

R5 Day 18 P3 117.2 +3.2 (+3.2 of LDW ) - Recipe for DISASTER

We had dinner with friends. A roast that had slow cooked all day. No worries, I'll just have the meat and avoid the carrots and potatoes.

After having this tasty, extraordinarily sodium filled dish, I came to find it had cooked all day in BBQ sauce and a COKE.

Oh GOD. Damn, damn, DAMN! Damn.

Steak day, needless to say, but I believe it will be DAYS to recover. GAAAAADS!

I also only had 1 cup of tea and coffee, so obviously not enough to drink, and no "potty action" either.

Just Damn.


Darby said...

Oh man. It's so tough to be out at gatherings and having something to eat. I'm over LDW today too, but I'm not doing a steak day. Some of it is constipation, so I'm gonna work of that today.
Good luck to you.

Susan said...

Oh. I know. It's so upsetting. We do our best, and all of this hidden stuff in other people's food comes back to bite us.

Water, steak day, magnesium and potassium for the "potty action". That's my next couple of days as well. Hang in there!

helderheid said...

Thanks guys... UUUGH! :)

ssm25350 said...

Oh I hate when you find out something was made with something you cant have! Good luck on your steak day.

Schatzi said...

I made roast w/potatos & carrots last night for the family. It looked & smelled so good. Good luck w/the steak day.

Anonymous said...

Wow. As @Darby said, it is SO "tough" to be at gatherings and deal with eating. Just when you think it's safe to partake of some basic food, someone finds a way to marinate it in sugar. Eek! Best with steak day. You can do it!

Lis said...

Man o man... it looked good though :) Steak day will take care of it, no worries, It will come off!!