Monday, November 8, 2010

R5 Day 11 P3 114.6 (-.2, +.6 of LDW )

Well that was disappointing. At least it was a drop. Note to self: no more blue cheese at 9 at night.

I'm overwhelmed. Have I also mentioned I'm petrified of flying? God, I am having such a hard time with my stress.

I need to process this fear but I don't know where to begin. I should be excited, not scared. I'm really trying to transform that anxiety into excitement.

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chipmunck said...

Hey! I hear you about the fear. There is so much we can allow yourselves to fear about. I haven't figured out a correct way to master my fear, but we just have to look beyond that fear and what is at the other end of the bridge and focus on that. (Though, I sort of feel like a phony saying that since I let fear over take me too much too.)

Okay- I will amend that: You are not alone!

And for some reason, no matter the fact we lost, it's always hard to see something so small. Sigh. At least it is in the right direction and you know where it comes from! :)