Monday, November 1, 2010

R5 Day 4 P3 115.4 (+.6, +1.4 of LDW )


I ate steak throughout the day thinking I could do a modified steak day and then FELL INTO THE DAMNED CHEESE CURDS LAST NIGHT. What's WRONG with me???

Lean protein and lots of water today, yessirree.


ssm25350 said...

theres nothing wrong with you... cheese is amazing!!!

Darby said...

I love cheese too
and hey, it's better than sugar!

helderheid said...

This is true! No sugar but LOTS and lots of cheese. I tend to go overboard. I really want to be balanced. It is my largest challenge.

Amy said...

Cheese! Maybe that is my problem, too much cheese and lack of control. :( Proud of you for no sugar though. Good luck with the lean proteins.

Lis said...

Ahhh.... cheese curds... I just finished a small bag of them!! You are still under your limit, your protein day will take care of it! You are doing great!!