Saturday, November 20, 2010

LM 115.2 (1.2 above LDW)

Sorry for being absent! I'm beyond busy with work right now. I'll try to be better about checking in, but I reckon it will be a little less often than my usual chatty self!

It's CHAMPAGNE tonight! Woot! I had my closing on a house that has been a real trial from the beginning so it's a huge relief. The owners are good friends of mine and I can't help but take their stress on personally. Knowing they are totally taken care of now is such a huge relief!

So yesterday I was 115 and we had guests over. I ate pizza toppings including pepperoni (SALT CITY!) so I was truly surprised to see only a .2 gain!

I haven't been good about my water consumption either. In fact, after I post this I'm going to put on the pot for tea. I've GOT to be better!!



Darby said...

Thanks for the post-
I know that stress of working with friends-particularly in real estate. My sister is an agent and and my husband tried his hand in it for about 2 years. A lot of his business was friends and it was so hard to stick up for them when say -they were being way too picky. Had to choose his battles.

Incredible Shrinking Me said...

I feel ya on the busyness. That's been my life for over the last month. Hopefully you will have a nice break with the holidays getting closer. It's great that you were only up .2. Can't say the same for me.

Susan said...

That's great that it was only a 0.2 increase!

I can imagine you are very busy right now, hope the holidays give you some breathing time :-)

Susan said...

A quick question - on your last round you only did one loading day. Do you feel like it was the right move and would you do it again?

I'm asking because I'm thinking of doing another round right after Thanksgiving, and I'm contemplating just doing one loading day since it'll be a short round.

helderheid said...

I would DEFINITELY only do 1 load day. It was all I really needed! Good luck on the next round!

Susan said...

Thanks for the input, I think I will do one load day, focus on healthy fats, minimal sugar like you did. I appreciate the advice!