Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 17 LM - 116 (-.3 , -.7 of LDW)

This will be brief as I'm on the road!

LD, I bought all 3 books on CD you suggested, as well as President Obama's "Audacity to Hope" which I'm listening to now and am quite enjoying. I'll start the others tomorrow! Lis, I didn't see your suggestion until it was too late! I'll check it out though for next time. Thanks! :)

I've not heard back from the PA since our meeting. She asked what I wanted for compensation and I fear I may have asked for more than she is comfortable with. I'll let her know I'm flexible. I had spoken with my Life Coach friend and asked for what she suggested I ask.

It's been a long day. I'm glad to be stopped (at a GREAT hotel, by the way! Same price as what I normally pay and 10 times nicer, with WiFi!).

Anyway, I'll see if I can catch up with y'all before I fall asleep.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 16 LM - 116.3 (+.2 , -.4 of LDW)


Where to start?

So, this is my 501st post! I am floored.

I had a wonderful interview with the PA. She is a lovely person and we share the same philosophy on health and well being. The conversation flowed really well. She needs someone to help with the weekly check ins of those going through the HCG program. I couldn't do anything medical obviously, but I could do the emotional accountability portion of it. It would most likely mean 10-15 hours a week split between 2 offices. She fully expects me to keep my coaching site, and would pay me as an independent contractor (which I am  familiar with as I am a Realtor). It felt right and like a very good match, so I really hope it works out. I am very hopeful! Think good thoughts about it! One thing she mentioned is that she's never been overweight, nor has she gone through the protocol herself, so that was one aspect that was missing from her practice. I certainly can fill that void!

I'm gearing up for another road trip leaving tomorrow afternoon to visit my family in Portland. Any suggestions for books on CD? I really enjoyed "The Help", "Game Change" and "Oprah" on past trips. I need something new!

Okay, back to the laundry for me. Otherwise we'll have nothing to take on the trip!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 15 LM - 116.1 (-2.9, -.6 of LDW)

Good morning, peeps!

Isn't it amazing how that number on the scale dictates how you're going to feel that day? I weigh in every day around 4-5 in the morning after using the bathroom and before I take my thyroid medication and go back to bed. To make sure I remember what the number was, I write it in my notes section on my iPhone and then I email that note to myself as well. Next to 119 was a :( and next to 116.1 was a :) . That's ridiculous.  I was barely over my limit and still fitting in 2s and 4s. Why on earth would I put a frowny face next to that number?

Anyway, thanks guys for the comments. You're all right.

The steak day obviously worked. I used the ones my husband buys. I didn't know what they were until I shopped and found them. They were eye of round. Super lean, but still juicy. Because they are so much leaner, I was able to eat more so I started eating at 3 and managed to eat 4 small steaks - about 650 grams.

I received an email from another local HCG clinic who may be interested in what I'm doing as far as coaching goes. I'll let you know what, if anything, develops!

Okay, time to check in on you guys and then GET TO WORK! Thanks again!


I'm meeting with the Physician's Assistant at the clinic at 2:15!

I think I'll be working with this clinic! The PA I met with is an absolute delight. More details to follow!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 14 LM - 119 (+2.9, + 2.3 of LDW)


Steak day!

I think on some level I was pushing my limits on purpose to see if I could get away with some eating without needing to correct. Well, I pushed past the limit. I think I was okay until dinner. I ate a LOT of cantaloupe and watermelon for breakfast and lunch, along with those turkey sausages, and was doing fine. Dinner I reheated some pasta, only I put cheese on the top and baked it kind of like a lasagna. I really wasn't going to try pasta just yet, but thought you know, it is such a treat to sit down with my family and have us all eating the same meal. It probably would have been okay too, had I stuck to one serving. I had 2 and I know it threw me over my calorie limits. That and some wine. I'm sure the combination of it all threw my body into a tailspin. I know I didn't actually gain 2.9 in fat as I didn't consume 10,000 extra calories and I know I can correct this, but I was disappointed nonetheless. Ah well. Live and learn, right?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 13 LM - 116.1 (-2.2, - .6 of LDW)

Hooray!! I'm so happy to see this nice drop.

Yesterday the kids and I stopped at a local fruit stand and bought watermelon, cantaloupe, some other kind of melon, raspberries, blueberries, corn and peaches. I haven't had any yet but plan on having some today. It's one of the things I love about this time of year!

I also stopped by the doctor and had my stitches removed. Yay!

That's better! My arm is all better as well, so I'll start pilates again. I haven't been able to really get a routine going so far. I fear it may take having the kids back in school before I can pin one down. That's not too far off. As soon as the weather cools a bit, I'd like to get up early and walk the kids and our German Shepherd to school. That's a half hour each way. If I could do that and my pilates, I'd be set. 

I'm pretty boring right now. :) That said, I'll go check in on all y'all!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 12 LM - 118.3 (+2.4, + 1.6 of LDW)

I blew a kiss to my scale this morning! Yes, it was a massive gain but I expected a massive gain... but I'm still in range!!

Obviously I'm carb cycling low today. I really have to remark how much healthier I feel when I'm eating low/healthy carbs versus the crap I allowed into my system yesterday. Yuck. I'm grateful to know that if I want to indulge from time to time I can, but also happy to know I really don't miss that stuff. It never really was my thing in the first place, and I'm certainly not going to make it a habit now.

I feel the best when I eat Mediterranean style. I really need to avoid sugar and white flour. My body rebels, and it's not good for anyone anyway.

Next time I carb cycle up (Autumn Rose, I just love that term!), I will stick with whole grains and more fruits. This time of year it would be a crime not to partake of all the local yummies being sold at the fruit stands.

Off to check in on you guys!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 11 LM - 115.9 (-.8, - .8 of LDW)

It's Sunday! It's the day we go out to eat and it looks like I'll be just fine.

I have to share with you my new favorite thing. Good lord, this is good stuff!

I know, it has evil corn syrup in it, but you don't need much of this. Oh goodness, it's so yummy! I look for any excuse to use it. :)

Hope you guys are having a great day!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 10 LM - 116.7 (-1, +/- 0 of LDW)

10 days into the rest of my life and so far I've been either within my range or just under. How MARVELOUS is that?

Tomorrow is the day we go out to eat which means clean eating today.

My house is STILL a disaster. I need to attack it the way I's started years ago, as if I am moving. Anything not seasonal that I've not used in 6 months has to GO, one room at a time. If I can do this, one or two rooms a day, within a week or so I should be able to clean this home within an inch of its life. Either that, or hire someone to do it for me. ;) Regardless, I cannot go on as is.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Off to check in on y'all!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 9 LM - 117.7 (+3.3, +1 of LDW)

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyikes! I knew there'd be damage... I fully expected a 2 pound or so gain, but 3.3? Eeek. Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I truly high carbed it yesterday, including bad carbs such as a caramel, peanut butter m&m, and 2 sesame candies. I'm sure that's not what caused the gain. I'm thinking the smoked (salty) salmon and the handful of cashews (salty) with wine at 11 at night caused the gain. :) I also went way over on the calories. That can be a good thing for the metabolism though. I'm still within my range despite the gain.

Today, however, WILL be a LOW carb day on my carb cycling! Eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, and LOTS of water and iced tea today!

Nothing much else to report. I've got to attack this house! It's a disaster.

I see many of you updated so I'm going to check y'all out!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 8 LM - 114.4 (-1.6, - 2.3 of LDW)

I had an inadvertent steak day. I had thawed it because I wasn't sure if I'd need it after the pizza last week but I never did need it, however, it needed to be eaten so there you have it. I love Autumn Rose's carb cycling idea of having high and low carb days so the body doesn't get used to only a low carb diet. Guess what kind of day I'm having today?? Unfortunately the muffin I'd saved for P4 has mysteriously disappeared... I do believe my husband got to it this morning before I could!

Kathryn, here is the packaging for the sausages I was talking about:

They are so yummy! I get them at Costco. Here is the nutritional info:

Serving Size: 3 Cooked Links (68g)
Servings Per Container: 4
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 120, Calories From Fat: 70

  % Daily Value*
Total Fat7g11%
Saturated Fat2g10%
Trans Fat0g 
Total Carbohydrate1g0%
Dietary Fiber0g0%
Vitamin A 2%. Vitamin C 0%. Calcium 2%. Iron 2%.

Today is another running around day. I need to show a rental and take a picture of my past client for her just moved cards. It's the 3rd time we've rescheduled this so I absolutely must make it happen today! 

OKAY, peeps! I'm off to check on you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I know you -- Henry Rollins

Day 7 LM - 116 (+1.2, - .7 of LDW)

Howdy y'all!

The gain can be explained by not drinking enough water/iced tea, and that I'm ovulating according to my calendar. Not worried.

LD (so glad you're back!) asked I post a typical P4 menu. Unfortunately, nothing is terribly typical as I am doing so much running around these days! For instance, yesterday I ate 16 turkey sausages, a couple glasses of red wine, a bite of home made ice cream (with sugar), and a few cashews. Not balanced but it was one of those days. I do pretty much have 2-3 cups of coffee with half n half every morning, along with my supplements, which include my omega 3 fish oil pills and I pretty much count that as breakfast. I usually have either chicken breast or a salad for lunch, and dinner is whatever we're all eating together - so far that's been that subway sandwich,  fajitas, pizza, Costco chicken, and salmon with sautéed veggies. I run between 1600-2000 calories typically, the higher amount on the days when carbs are lower. I am still being careful about carbs given my thyroid issues, as I've read that lower/good carb diets are better for us hypothyroid peoples. :)

Not much to report. My shoulder is better, though it still looks a mess. I wish we could go camping but I have a rental vacancy I need to get filled so no going anywhere until that's done. The kids and I saw "Despicable Me" in 3D yesterday. Wonderful flick! Go see it.

Off to check in on you guys!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 6 LM - 114.8 (- 1, - 1.9 of LDW)

Hey peep-a-la-peeps,

Stable. Stable, stable, stable. :)

On a completely different subject, I'm feeling sad for some friends and for the gay community in Utah. In the past 3 weeks, 3 young men took their lives because of their conflict with their faith and their sexuality. The latest happened yesterday. Todd Ransom took his life yesterday morning. Todd was one of many interviewed for the recent documentary 8: The Mormon Proposition. His story was heart breaking. Tonight is a vigil for him and the others who took their lives, at the state capital. For any of you who are local and are interested in showing your solidarity with the GLBT community, here is the facebook event page. This should never happen.

I went to the doctor yesterday and she's quite pleased with my finger's healing progress. She was not happy with my shoulder! Not only was a blood vessel hit causing the bruise, but I am having an allergic reaction to the medicine which is causing my shoulder to be hot and swollen.
She said for me to take benedryl and sent me on my way. The stitches will come out in about a week. 

I've bribed the children to clean the house today and in return we're all going to see "Despicable Me" . I'll help with the cleaning, but they have their marching orders! Wish me luck!

I'm off to check in on all y'all. *HUGS*

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 5 LM - 115.8 (+ 1, - .9 of LDW)

Good morning!

Still within my range. I am going to avoid processed foods today though as I don't want to make it a habit of eating crap.

My finger only bothers me if I pick something up and put a certain amount of pressure on it. My shoulder on the other hand is absolutely killing me where I got my tetanus shot.

I find it weird that it was one of the least painful shots I've ever had but it's developed into one painful MF of a bruise! Oh well. I'm getting sympathy from the kids. That's gotta be worth something, right? I go back to the doctor today to look at the stitches and make sure there is no infection.

Kathryn from Reaching Onederland with HCG  nominated me for a  Versatile Blogger award! Thanks so much, Kathryn. I really appreciate it and I really enjoyed reading more about you today! 

It's Monday, so I better get back to work. Fortunately most everything I need to do today can be done in my pajamas as I have no child care for the rest of the Summer. My kids can go with me to deliver fliers and take pictures for just moved cards though. :) 

Have a great start to the week! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 4 LM - 114.8 (+ .1, - 1.9 of LDW)

Hey my peeps!

Oh where to start.

Well, I did have my wrap which felt wonderful. I did my guided meditation on releasing stress, old habits and patterns that no longer serve me, and changing my story if I don't want to repeat it. I always feel so much better after a wrap. It was the last of the 3 I paid for. I'll need to order more soon.

Last night we were going to have fajitas. I was talking on my cell while slicing an avocado when WOOSH, the knife slipped... right into my left middle finger. GADS. I dropped everything. I ended up going to an after hours care place. 4 stitches and a tetanus shot later...

By the time I was all patched up, it was 7 pm and we decided rather than going home and resuming the cooking, we just walked over to a Subway that was next door. I had a 6" Italian BMT with provolone, all the veggies excluding green peppers (and yes, I had jalapeños!), mayo and mustard on whole wheat. It was soooooooooo incredibly good and full of sodium (1730 mg according to their website and that didn't include all the pickled veggies that were loaded on!).

I was almost positive I'd have a huge gain. I was delighted to see it was only .1! I think it's a combination of all the iced tea and water I drank, as well as the body wrap that kept me from gaining. Well, and that I'm STABLE!

This morning my husband brought me coffee in bed and a See's truffle I'd saved for myself for P4. It was such a treat! We'll see if it affects my weight tomorrow. Fortunately, I've never been a sweet freak. I like sweets few and far between and in small amounts. That chocolate will last me a week. :)

I'm off to check your blogs! XOXO

Edited to add, here is a sample of the kind of meditation they offer:!.mp3

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 3 LM - 114.7 (+ .5, - 2 of LDW)

I ate 2 pieces of pizza! 2! Large slices, thick crust. It wasn't worth the calories. I pulled the steak out of my freezer just in cases ;) but lo and behold, I am actually smack dab at the lowest weight in my allotted 4 pound range of acceptable. I suppose there is no question I've stabilized. Still, I won't go jumping into the sugar starch scene full boar. I never will, actually. White flour and sugar (well, corn syrup to be specific) are of the devil.

Not much to say. I'm feeling a little discombobulated today. I have a wrap scheduled at 1:30 so hopefully that will help center myself.

Happy stabilizing/releasing/maintaining weekend to you!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 2 LM - 114.2 (+/- 0, - 2.5 of LDW)

Well there you have it. I fully expected a gain as I had veggie soup (OMG, I've missed that) with something like 1200 mg of sodium! It was so nice to eat more balanced yesterday, though I'm still venturing into sugar and starch land slooooowly. Tonight there is a get together with my son's old 4th grade class and there will be pizza. I may have a slice without JUST eating the cheese! Oh my! :)

I managed to do about 15 minutes of pilates before I got interrupted. It wasn't much but I was a little sore this morning so it was a good start. After 1 more cup of coffee, I'll go for it again. I will approach exercise the same way I'm approaching sugar and starch. I'm going to ease into all of it. I have a tendency to over do it ;) .

I got my new iPhone 4 yesterday! Gotta say, that is a nifty little gadget! Hopefully the picture quality here will improve!

Thank you Bunpoh for the award!! I should also thank Christy in Seattle for one I got way back when (I think it was Christy. If it wasn't, and it was YOU reading this, I apologize! My memory SUCKS). It's not that I don't "do" awards (insert me with my nose in the air here), it's that I'm too lazy to do anything with them! :) So thank you so much and I'm glad to follow you - your pictures are AMAZING!

Thanks for all the comments! I am feeling pretty empowered now that I am recognizing those patterns that I want to change in myself and to prevent with my children. I know exactly where they came from. Man, the programming we get as kids is POWERFUL!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 1 LM - 114.2 (+ .5, - 2.5 of LDW)

I did it! Made it to P4 at the low end of my range (a little lower but only slightly so). I do believe pilates are in my future plans for today! I wish I'd thought to have bought yogurt. That sounds good to me this morning.

My kids and I watched "Losing it with Jillian" yesterday. The mom was a smoker and Jillian talked to her about it. It really affected my kids, especially my son (who constantly is putting stuff in his mouth still at age almost 10 - I've no doubt smoking may be a concern with him in the future). Later when my husband was home, my son asked him to quit smoking as he was walking outside to light up. My husband sort of blew him off, and I could see the hurt in my son's face. I rushed to him and told him it was okay, and not to push his dad about this. Then I stopped myself and thought, "Wait a second. Why are you telling him to keep his feelings to himself?". At that point I said, "You know what? Never mind. If you want to tell him how you feel, go right ahead. I am so, so proud of you. That was really brave."

I can't believe how long I've told my kids to keep quiet about issues like the smoking, moving, etc., etc... how completely unfair to them, and to my husband for that matter. Again, the habit of hiding. Why would I instill that in my own kids?!

Love you and thank you guys.


2 videos to make you SMILE :)

And now a different version... :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

P3 Day 21 - 113.7 (- 1, - 3 of LDW)


I'm not stressing too much over the drop. As I said before, according to my blood work, I was ovulating when I stopped HCG so I may have been hanging on to water weight when I weighed in with my LDW.

Thank you all who chimed in on my last post. It's a touchy subject that doesn't necessarily have any easy answers. I know I need to come from a place of compassion and love when it comes to approaching this with him. I know he's been responding to my anger, not my hurt and my love. I need to let go of the anger. I need to forgive him and let that resentment go, or we won't get anywhere with this and he's way too important to me to allow my anger to get in the way of getting through to him with my love and concern.

What I can do is work on my kids. I'm talking to them daily about healthy choices. I can practice what I preach and make healthier choices for myself. I can meditate and work on letting go of anything that no longer serves a purpose in my life, including old habits, and including fear, stress, and hiding ( my worst habits).

Thanks once more for the support. I'm evolving and there are growing pains along the way, and you all make it so much easier!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

P3 Day 20 - 114.7 ( +/- 0, -2 of LDW)

I'm ready for P4. I feel stable, and I am anxious to move into that next phase of my life.

I am having marital problems... well, problem to be specific, that has plagued the entire span of our marriage. Unfortunately, I don't do confrontations well as my husband intimidates me, and on this particular topic, I've found it to be useless, but waking up this morning, I don't see the point in keeping my mouth shut about it either.

It's my husband's smoking.

Some of you know the story already, but I'll briefly summarize it to say when we met, I was a smoker too. Due to finances at one point, we both decided to quit. I had a stressful homesick day (this is when I was living in Holland, and hadn't been there that long, maybe 6 months TOPS, didn't know the language, missed my family, etc., etc - you get the idea) and I slipped and smoked. My husband (then boyfriend) was so disgusted with my lack of will power and said that if I was going to start up, there was no point in him quitting. And he started back up. Not long after that we married, and a month later I was pregnant with our son. Of course at that point, I quit.  No more cigarettes for me because I was doing everything for 2 at that point. I also at that point had to ask my husband to quit smoking in the house.

I've found that he has the personality that if you push, he pushes back. After some time I decided he was smart enough that if I just backed off, he'd eventually quit. His parents and sister were smokers and all quit. Practically all of his friends in Holland were smokers and THEY all quit. I quit. Surely, he would come around to it.

Last night he told me (in not so many words) that smoking makes him sane. I told him (in not so many words) that his example was hurting our children.

Cigarette packs are now something like $6, 3 times what they cost when I was smoking. They have no redeeming value. His father has had cancer. He has gum disease, and smoking exasperates that. More than that, he has a family. He has a wife and two kids who LOVE and adore him.

We got our wills notarized yesterday. He said afterwards (jokingly of course) "Now I can travel and you won't mind because I have a will!". No, you block head! Now I know the house won't go into probate if you DIE OF LUNG CANCER. Of course I didn't say that.

It makes him sane. God, I know how hard it is to quit smoking. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done in my entire life, but it's doable. You need stress relief? Go to the gym.

Sorry for the rant. I just needed to get this off my chest. Now, how to talk to the husband about it...

Edited to add...

I think part of the problem with our communication is I have a hard time separating my resentment from my very real concern, love, and hurt I feel about this. I love him so much. I love him, and I love my family and I just want us all around for as long as possible... Thanks for letting me work through this here. It helps to have a sounding board.

Monday, July 12, 2010

P3 Day 19 - 114.7 ( +.9 , -2 of LDW)


Exactly 2 pounds under my LDW. :) Exactly where I want to be when I start exercising again, which will be Thursday, my first day of P4 and LIFE MAINTENANCE! Woot!

Thanks for all the compliments! I told my husband yesterday that I feel like a peacock these days, cooing at myself in the mirror. I love how I look! Love, love, love it! :D Humility be damned! Heheh!

Okay, I need to go get ready - hubby and I are getting our wills notarized this morning. Has to happen.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bikini top came in!

Still waiting on the bottoms, but I promised pics so here's at least the top!

Edited to add some befores


Now that I know I was ovulating when I had my blood work and that was at the end of my last round, I was probably up a couple pounds from hormones alone, so I won't worry about being as low as I am weight wise (though I ate at wendy's tonight so I won't be shocked at a gain tomorrow!)

P3 Day 18 - 113.8 ( -.4 , -2.8 of LDW)

I am .08 off what my fitness program thought I would be. Too few calories again.  If I could just slow down for 2 seconds, maybe I could develop a healthy eating routine. I was running around all afternoon. I didn't manage to do my final walk through. We rescheduled for today, stupidly at 1 pm. Today is the World Cup! I can't miss that! My goodness, THE NETHERLANDS are playing!! I can't miss that! I can't wait to watch it with my Dutch hubby!

Speaking of Dutch hubbys and the Netherlands, we booked tickets to go to Holland this fall to visit his family. His sister turns 40 this year. When he turned 40, they all flew out here to celebrate (they take their birthdays very seriously!)!

Hup Holland Hup!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

P3 Day 17 - 114.2 ( +.5 , -2.4 of LDW)

Only 4 more days of P3!! Yay! I was really hoping to stabilize on the lower end of acceptable so that when I started exercise, I wouldn't be worried about correction days. Looks like I've done it, knock on wood!

No rest for me. After my transactions closed, I'd hoped to have some time off, but there were some snags. In one of the homes, the previous home owner had things he wanted to sell my buyer that he wasn't interested in buying and rather than moving it out, he told my buyer it was "your problem now". Jerk. So, today I'm borrowing a friend's husband and his truck and loading it up, bringing it here, and selling it. Any of you in Utah want some stereo equipment and a large screen projector television? :) So there's that today, and I need to do a final walk through with one of my buyer's in the townhome he had been renting from me. Then, as soon as I get my checks, I need to go buy gift cards for everyone, most likely Monday. I think I'll get myself a treat too and hire someone to clean my house!

No real news. I'm still tired. It felt great to incorporate more veggies and fruits yesterday! I think as soon as I start working out, I'll have more energy.

Oh foot update. It's still swollen, but it's not too bad. In inspecting it, I do find a very tender spot on one of the bones. If the swelling doesn't go away, my doctor said we could do a bone scan, whatever that is, to make sure it is a break, though I'm fairly sure it is.

Breast update - the lump is so far staying the same shape and size, so that's good news. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

P3 Day 16 - 113.7 ( +/- 0 , -2.9 of LDW)

Okay, I consumed 2200 calories yesterday. This is a little odd. I'm going to add some fruit back into my diet today to get back into the range. I bought apples yesterday and have fondue - that sounds completely divine to me. Maybe I'll have a big salad for lunch with blue cheese! That also sounds really yummy.

I forgot to mention that based on my blood test, he could tell I was ovulating when I had it done, which was June 22nd. I am going to look at the calendar and see if I can kind of figure out what my cycle is based on that. I think I'm having my TOM now, actually. Maybe that explains the drop as well, that TOM has arrived. Hmmm.

I can't tell you how ready I am for exercise and more balanced eating. My body is truly craving it. I want to focus on making healthy eating and exercise choices and feel better. Right now I feel tired. That could be due to the thyroid so hopefully in a bit I'll get more energy with the new medication dose.

Happy losing/stabilization thoughts to all y'all!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

P3 Day 15 - 113.7 ( -1.7 , -2.9 of LDW)

First, the news you've been waiting for.

My surgeon checked the lump and said he wasn't worried. He said he thought it was normal breast tissue that had moved due to the lift. I said "Well, if you're not worried, I'm not worried." and he laughed and said, "If it were only that easy! I know you're going to worry so regardless, I want to see you near the holidays and I will check it again.".

Have I mentioned how much I like this guy? He told me to keep checking it as I know what it feels like and if it changes to make an appointment. He's right too. I left the office feeling totally confident that I'm fine, and this morning I'm right back to worrying about it! I'll keep an eye on it and if it changes, we'll do a biopsy.

So the drop. That truly wasn't intentional, I swear! I was soooo nervous about my closings that I literally couldn't eat. By the time my nerves had calmed, I didn't have time to eat. I got home after all was said and done at 6:30. My wine meet up began at 7! Needless to say, I was running around like a freak getting ready. Fortunately, my dear husband and kids had done some preparation for me. So, the only thing I could have was brie at the party. I just didn't eat enough is what it comes down to. I will remedy that today!

Those closings I mentioned aren't a completely done deal so I have more work today, as well as the follow up with the doctor about my hormones.  I think I may be able to relax a bit tomorrow!

Off to catch up with you guys! Thanks for being here for me. It means so much.


Blood test results showed my thyroid was low again so he's upping my dose by twice as much, and that my testosterone is low and started me on DHEA. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

P3 Day 14 - 115.4 ( -.8 , -1.2 of LDW)

This will be FAST. I have a wine meetup to prepare for tonight (GOTTA CLEAN!), two closings this afternoon, as well as my visit with the surgeon. I can't believe I agreed to do this wine meetup in such a busy week!

Only 1 more week of P3! I'm craving fruit and more starchy veggies, but will add them back in slowly. :)

I am a little surprised at the drop - I had taco meat with sour cream, shredded cheese and tomatoes yesterday and thought with all the sodium I'd at least be the same. I'm obviously very happy!

OK, coffee, scrub toilets, empty and load the dishwasher, clean the living room, kitchen, entry, get dressed, grab champagne, wine, and chocolates for closings, drop off kids, attend closings, pick up checks from previous closings, get home and set up...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

P3 Day 13 - 116.2 ( +.5 , -.4 of LDW)

Good morning my dears. The holiday is over and I am going to be going non-stop, so I'll keep this brief.

The .5 is from the salmon pate I decided sounded too good to resist at 9 pm. I love salmon pate! Again, stabilizing just fine.

I have a closing this afternoon, and 2 tomorrow (knock on wood - these things have a way of unraveling at the last minute, though I believe worst case is we'll need extensions), so busy, busy, busy this week. I'll make an appointment with my plastic surgeon today to figure out what's up. Thursday I have a follow up appointment with my new doc about my foot and my hormone levels. Weeee!

OK, I best get back to it. Have a great day!

Edited to add
I have an appointment with my surgeon at 3:30 tomorrow!

Monday, July 5, 2010

P3 Day 12 - 115.7 ( -.8 , -.9 of LDW)

Oy. 1 magnum of champagne (no, I didn't drink it all myself!), hot tub, and friends. Between my anxiety, the champagne, and the hot tub, I'm left with my powers somewhat under a cloud.

Boob update: I definitely have a depression on EACH side, it's just far more pronounced on the right. Feeling calmer.

How in the heck did I lose weight? I had a Wendy's bacon cheeseburger last night (sans bun, of course) AND champagne. My body REALLY wants to be this weight. I am continually amazed by HCG.

Thank you for all your supportive and kind words. I thought the swollen foot and lumps in my neck were scary... nothing compares to this, and your logical comments full of so much love and kindness mean more that I can say.



I heard from my doctor. He said it's probably nothing but to come in and he'd check it out. What a relief. I'll let you know as soon as that's done.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

P3 Day 11 - 116.5 ( -.1 of last dose weight)

Happy 4th, everyone!

Thanks for all the support from  yesterday. I'm still decently freaked out, but much calmer than yesterday. I'm not completely convinced this is related to my surgery, but I'm also calm enough to know that no matter what it is, I'll get answers soon and whatever I need to do I'll do. I've not heard back from my doctor - I suspect he may be out of town for the holiday.

We went to a party yesterday (in Utah, they celebrate the 4th on the 3rd if the 4th falls on a Sunday. I find this completely bizarre!). I had 2 hamburger patties, sliced tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, sliced cheese, wine, and a couple tequila shots (THAT was a mistake!). Since I have no idea what I weighed yesterday, I couldn't report a loss or gain today, but needless to say I am thrilled to be so close to my LDW.

Have a wonderful holiday. I'm appreciating Independence Day today in many ways. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

P3 Day 10 - ???

We stayed at a hotel last night so the kids could swim. I forgot to pack my scale! I have NO idea how much I weigh today. I did have champagne to celebrate my closing and cheese off of a pizza, and some pepper jack last night (and that's pretty much all I had since I was moving non-stop yesterday).

I have to tell you I'm feeling very freaked out right now. While laying in bed this morning, I noticed a depression under my right nipple. I felt around it as I thought it looked and felt so odd. Above it I found a lump. My husband felt it too. He said I should definitely get that checked out (he's a very level headed guy, so when he shows concern, well, warning bells go off). Since my surgery was less than a year ago, I simply can't imagine... I am praying it is some sort of scar tissue or something like that. I've emailed my plastic surgeon and described what I'd found and have asked if I should make an appointment with his office. I'd kind of like his opinion first, since he knows them best. I just want to make sure this is or isn't something related to the surgery.

Happy 4th, guys! Have a great weekend.

I have continued to check the lump and I've felt the other breast, and I suspect this has something to do with the surgery. I think I feel something similar on the other side and since he had to move my nipples totally when he recreated my breasts, I'm almost positive it's related to that.

I am taking a deep breath and will now officially calm down. I'm sure I'll see the doctor soon and we'll make sure it's all okay (and if it isn't, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it).

Friday, July 2, 2010

P3 Day 9 - 115.8 (-1.1 -.8 of last dose weight)

Another super quick update. The closing I thought I was going to have yesterday is happening today, as are 2 final walk throughs so I HAVE to get going, get going! Fortunately I bought chocolates for all involved yesterday so I don't need to do that today, and I already had champagne in my fridge for my buyer.

I wasn't trying to lose! In fact, I expected a gain given I went out for lunch yesterday and you know how restaurants are about pumping sodium into EVERYTHING! YAY! LD, I totally forgot again about my additions... I am perfectly thrilled at this weight!

I have been itching to start exercise again but I want to wait until I'm done stabilizing. It's not that much longer to wait, and then I'll start Pilates. I'm still having foot issues so I want to talk to my doctor about his suggestions with exercise before I do anything that involves excessive pressure on it.

Off to bathe and then put on my new, beautiful size 2 black pencil skirt and my raspberry top and get to work!

Thanks for all the comments and kind words. Love you guys!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

P3 Day 8 - 116.9 (+ .5 +.3 of last dose weight)

Hellooooo peeps! 2 more weeks of P3!

Up a little. Late night snacking. Meh! I'm amazed at how close to my LDW I am.

This will be ultra short - I need to take my kids to karate, go to lunch with my title people, pick up my son, take him to a movie audition, drop him back off at karate, pick up chocolates and go to a closing. PHEW!