Wednesday, July 7, 2010

P3 Day 14 - 115.4 ( -.8 , -1.2 of LDW)

This will be FAST. I have a wine meetup to prepare for tonight (GOTTA CLEAN!), two closings this afternoon, as well as my visit with the surgeon. I can't believe I agreed to do this wine meetup in such a busy week!

Only 1 more week of P3! I'm craving fruit and more starchy veggies, but will add them back in slowly. :)

I am a little surprised at the drop - I had taco meat with sour cream, shredded cheese and tomatoes yesterday and thought with all the sodium I'd at least be the same. I'm obviously very happy!

OK, coffee, scrub toilets, empty and load the dishwasher, clean the living room, kitchen, entry, get dressed, grab champagne, wine, and chocolates for closings, drop off kids, attend closings, pick up checks from previous closings, get home and set up...


Jen Payne said...

What a fun day to look forward to, and a big drop as well! Lucky Lucky girl! Have Fun! Congrats on the fantastic stabilization!

Lis said...

Nice drop! And a BUSY day ahead!!! Have fun with the closings!

lavenderdiva said...

Very nice weigh-in today! I know that was a nice surprise!!

Have fun at your wine party, and please let us know how it went with the Dr. I'm all ears--


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to hear what your doctor had to say to you. Hope you were able to enjoy your wine and chesse!