Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 10 LM - 116.7 (-1, +/- 0 of LDW)

10 days into the rest of my life and so far I've been either within my range or just under. How MARVELOUS is that?

Tomorrow is the day we go out to eat which means clean eating today.

My house is STILL a disaster. I need to attack it the way I's started years ago, as if I am moving. Anything not seasonal that I've not used in 6 months has to GO, one room at a time. If I can do this, one or two rooms a day, within a week or so I should be able to clean this home within an inch of its life. Either that, or hire someone to do it for me. ;) Regardless, I cannot go on as is.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Off to check in on y'all!


lavenderdiva said...

Your stabilization is remarkable! Do you remember if you stabilized this well, with each of your previous rounds? I can't remember. Do you think you did anything different this P3/P4 that may account for your being able to maintain your LDW so well? I'm trying to think about my next round, and how I'm going to approach it. I've never been ANY good at stabilizing in any of my 3 previous rounds. I know I'm doing something wrong. You've had such a tremendous success so far, and I figure I can learn from you!

love ya-

Anonymous said...

I love "10 days into the rest of my life". You are sending a positive message of possible change! You've changed your body and attitude, now you are changing your surroundings! You are starting a new life! Very inspiring!

helderheid said...

LD, I've noticed that I stabilize really well, but sometimes have issues about 6 months post last dose. Obviously I'm not there yet. We'll see! P3 is crucial though, I must say!

AR, thank you! Speaking of inspiring, good grief woman! LOOK AT YOUR ARMS!!

Kathryn said...

It is absolutely fantastic that you are maintaining so well. You have worked so hard to reach this lifetime goal and you know what to do to stabilize it for the rest of your life. It is so inspiring.

Good luck with the cleaning. About two months ago, I just started spontaneously throwing things out daily. It was not planned. If I walked into a room and happened to notice something that caught my eye and was questionable I would make an *on the spot* decision of could I throw it out or not. If throw out I would put it in the garbage. If dontate, I would put it immediately in the donate bag in the garage. These spot decisions have helped a lot - I try to get rid of two things a day. It helps instead of having to make a plan. Which of course I still have a cleaning plan but the spontaneous throw-outs help make that plan easier.