Monday, July 5, 2010

P3 Day 12 - 115.7 ( -.8 , -.9 of LDW)

Oy. 1 magnum of champagne (no, I didn't drink it all myself!), hot tub, and friends. Between my anxiety, the champagne, and the hot tub, I'm left with my powers somewhat under a cloud.

Boob update: I definitely have a depression on EACH side, it's just far more pronounced on the right. Feeling calmer.

How in the heck did I lose weight? I had a Wendy's bacon cheeseburger last night (sans bun, of course) AND champagne. My body REALLY wants to be this weight. I am continually amazed by HCG.

Thank you for all your supportive and kind words. I thought the swollen foot and lumps in my neck were scary... nothing compares to this, and your logical comments full of so much love and kindness mean more that I can say.



I heard from my doctor. He said it's probably nothing but to come in and he'd check it out. What a relief. I'll let you know as soon as that's done.


Lis said...

WOW! You are doing so well with stabiliozing!! Glad that you are feeling calmer about your indentations - I am sure that you are right and thats its from your surgery. Sounds like you had fun yesterday! Good for you!

helderheid said...

Thanks Lis! WAY too much fun. God, I'm paying for it today. UUGGHHH...

lavenderdiva said...

SO glad you heard from your Dr. I'm still of the mind that its swelling-related.

You my sweet are stabilized!!! And at your dream weight too! WooHOOOOOO!!

love ya-

helderheid said...

Me too, LD! I can't say enough about how much I love my Dr. - he is so understanding, smart, and has the best bedside manner. I know he'll figure out what this is. That and I do have 1 stitch that never dissolved - I may have him remove that as well.

I couldn't be happier about my weight! I am so comfortable here and I really love how I look! I'm very excited to be able to start pilates again!

Love you and miss you! Update us soon, okay?? Thanks for all the support!

Kathryn said...

Glad to hear that your doctor contacted you and he's not worried. But the offer to check it out is good. You're stabilizing is a text book case. So happy for you!

I received my injections today - yahoo. The shipment made it past the Canadian customs nazi's. I'm doing Ovidac this time. I'm not sure which kind I used on P1 but I'm glad to be going back to injections. Someone asked me for a referral of the best type of HCG to use (which brand) and I referred him to you in the hope that you could let him know the brand that you like best. Hope you don't mind.

Kathryn said...

I think my comment got lost is cyberspace land so I'll repost.

Glad to hear your doctor isn't worried but it's good he will check it out. You're a text book case of protocol stabilization. That's such a good thing.

I received my injections last night -yahool. The package made it over the border and past the Canadian customs militants. So, I'm gearing up to start R2P2 again. It was so hard the last time because of the hunger. I really don't want to have another false start this round. It's Ovidac brand. Oh, btw, I referred someone to you that wanted to know the best brand of hcg to use. I hope you don't mind.

helderheid said...

No problem Kathryn! Thanks so much for the support!