Sunday, July 11, 2010

P3 Day 18 - 113.8 ( -.4 , -2.8 of LDW)

I am .08 off what my fitness program thought I would be. Too few calories again.  If I could just slow down for 2 seconds, maybe I could develop a healthy eating routine. I was running around all afternoon. I didn't manage to do my final walk through. We rescheduled for today, stupidly at 1 pm. Today is the World Cup! I can't miss that! My goodness, THE NETHERLANDS are playing!! I can't miss that! I can't wait to watch it with my Dutch hubby!

Speaking of Dutch hubbys and the Netherlands, we booked tickets to go to Holland this fall to visit his family. His sister turns 40 this year. When he turned 40, they all flew out here to celebrate (they take their birthdays very seriously!)!

Hup Holland Hup!


Kathryn said...

Enjoy watching the world cup today and that's so great that you will be going to Holland. Lot's of time to make new memories.

A quick question for you. Do you fill your injections with 2.5 or 3 cc's? Last time I used Corion (sp?) and I received two vials of powder enough for 50 injections. This time I received Ovidac and just one powder vial and the instructions say to fill it with 2.5 cc's (enough for 37 injections). I'm a bit confused and don't want to be hungry using only 2.5 cc's instead of 3. I'm wondering if I shoud just make 21 syringes of 3 cc's. Help!?!? Thanks so much. Have you tried an avocado to up your calories?

helderheid said...

I've never done injections, but I found this here:

Amounts for injections:

Ampoule Size–1500 iu–125 iu daily dosage–6 cc sterile water needed–12 days worth, inject 0.5 cc per day

Ampoule Size–1500 iu–150 iu daily dosage–5 cc sterile water needed–10 days worth, inject 0.5 cc per day

Ampoule Size–1500 iu–175 iu daily dosage–4.25 cc sterile water needed–8.5 days worth, inject 0.5 per day

Ampoule Size-1500iu–200 iu daily dosage–3.75cc sterile water needed–7.5 days worth, inject 0.5ccper day

Ampoule Size–2000 iu–125 iu daily dosage– 8cc sterile water needed–16 days worth, inject 0.5 cc per day

Ampoule Size–2000 iu–150 iu daily dosage–6.6 cc sterile water needed–13.3 days worth, inject 0.5per day

Ampoule Size–2000 iu–175 iu daily dosage–5.75 cc sterile water needed–11.5 days worth, inject 0.5perday

Ampoule Size–2000 iu–200 iu daily dosage–5 cc sterile water needed–10 days worth, inject 0.5 cc per day

Ampoule Size–5000 iu–125 daily dosage–20cc sterile water needed–40 days worth, inject 0.5 cc per day

Ampoule Size–5000 iu–150 daily dosage–16.6 cc sterile water needed–33.3 days worth, inject 0.5 cc per day

Ampoule Size–5000 iu–175 iu daily dosage–14.25cc sterile water needed–28.5 days worth, inject 0.5 cc per day

Ampoule Size–5000 iu–200 iu daily dosage–12.5 cc sterile water needed–25 days worth, inject 0.5 cc per day

Ampoule Size–10000 iu–175 iu daily dosage–28.5 cc sterile water needed–57 days worth, inject o.5 cc per day

Ampoule Size–10000 iu–200 iu daily dosage–25 cc sterile water needed–50 days worth, inject 0.5 cc per day

I hope this helps!

Avocados. DOH! That's what I need. Oh, and veggies sauteed. I need to go shopping!

lavenderdiva said...

Busy indeed!! Talk about whirlwind schedule! Yep, you need to go grocery shopping for you, and Kathryn's idea of avocados is an excellent addition to your list- Also heavy cream for your morning coffee. how about strawberries & whipped cream for a snack? OR, (& this is one of my favs), make sugar-free chocolate pudding w/ heavy whipping cream. Put into popsicle molds & freeze. They make the BEST fudge-cicles!!

Love, love, love that you 2 will be traveling back to Holland this fall! How fun AND romantic!

have fun watching the game- love ya!

helderheid said...

LD, those fudgecicles sound DIVINE! I'll do some shopping tomorrow.

Oh the game... what a disappointment... Oh well!!

Love ya! Update soon, k?

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the link - appreciate it. I thought you did injections -sorry. I was thinking it's either drops/spray or injections but I forgot about the other sublingual way. Enjoy your avocados and buttered veggies!

helderheid said...

I hope it was helpful, Kathryn! I mix the real stuff and spray it under my tongue. :)

I can't wait to go veggie shopping tomorrow! Thanks for the suggestion!