Thursday, July 1, 2010

P3 Day 8 - 116.9 (+ .5 +.3 of last dose weight)

Hellooooo peeps! 2 more weeks of P3!

Up a little. Late night snacking. Meh! I'm amazed at how close to my LDW I am.

This will be ultra short - I need to take my kids to karate, go to lunch with my title people, pick up my son, take him to a movie audition, drop him back off at karate, pick up chocolates and go to a closing. PHEW!



Lis said...

Cruising right along!!! Have a fantastic day!

lavenderdiva said...

my sweet, you are stabilizing!! How exciting! And in the mid-teens at that! If you were to allow approx 3 lbs for your new boobies, you'd be at about 113, which is just about where you were before the surgery!

Congratulations! love ya-

Anonymous said...

I'm half way through P3. I found some recipes and want try making them P3 compatible for the weekend festivities. I'll be experimenting in the kitchen this afternoon, feel like a mad scientist! Enjoy the weekend and the rest of your P3. You are doing terrific!