Monday, July 12, 2010

P3 Day 19 - 114.7 ( +.9 , -2 of LDW)


Exactly 2 pounds under my LDW. :) Exactly where I want to be when I start exercising again, which will be Thursday, my first day of P4 and LIFE MAINTENANCE! Woot!

Thanks for all the compliments! I told my husband yesterday that I feel like a peacock these days, cooing at myself in the mirror. I love how I look! Love, love, love it! :D Humility be damned! Heheh!

Okay, I need to go get ready - hubby and I are getting our wills notarized this morning. Has to happen.



lavenderdiva said...

Humility has NO place for you right now. You've worked DAMNED hard to get to this place, and you'd better be proud of yourself! I find it absolutely wonderful, and you look so beautiful. That inner pride is beaming through in your photographs, and give you a sparkle!

So glad to hear you are working on your wills. I've been reading 'The Boomer Burden- Dealing with your parents' lifetime accumulation of stuff' by Julie Hall, and its a great resource for getting all these sorts of things organized.

See that? that was me doing the happy dance for you, for reaching your perfect weight, and nearing your lifetime maintenance!!! You've seen so many ups-and-downs in your journey to this place, and have learned so much. Welcome to the rest of your life!!!!

love you much!!

helderheid said...

*HUUUUUUUUUUUUG* You're support means the WORLD to me!!!!!

Jen Payne said...

Love the top and the jeans! You look fab! Good to know you can enjoy the success along the way!