Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 4 LM - 114.8 (+ .1, - 1.9 of LDW)

Hey my peeps!

Oh where to start.

Well, I did have my wrap which felt wonderful. I did my guided meditation on releasing stress, old habits and patterns that no longer serve me, and changing my story if I don't want to repeat it. I always feel so much better after a wrap. It was the last of the 3 I paid for. I'll need to order more soon.

Last night we were going to have fajitas. I was talking on my cell while slicing an avocado when WOOSH, the knife slipped... right into my left middle finger. GADS. I dropped everything. I ended up going to an after hours care place. 4 stitches and a tetanus shot later...

By the time I was all patched up, it was 7 pm and we decided rather than going home and resuming the cooking, we just walked over to a Subway that was next door. I had a 6" Italian BMT with provolone, all the veggies excluding green peppers (and yes, I had jalapeños!), mayo and mustard on whole wheat. It was soooooooooo incredibly good and full of sodium (1730 mg according to their website and that didn't include all the pickled veggies that were loaded on!).

I was almost positive I'd have a huge gain. I was delighted to see it was only .1! I think it's a combination of all the iced tea and water I drank, as well as the body wrap that kept me from gaining. Well, and that I'm STABLE!

This morning my husband brought me coffee in bed and a See's truffle I'd saved for myself for P4. It was such a treat! We'll see if it affects my weight tomorrow. Fortunately, I've never been a sweet freak. I like sweets few and far between and in small amounts. That chocolate will last me a week. :)

I'm off to check your blogs! XOXO

Edited to add, here is a sample of the kind of meditation they offer:!.mp3


lavenderdiva said...

OMG- I'm so glad you're OK! I know that had to hurt like crazy. Please allow Mr. helderheid to dote on you. You've earned it! It was very sweet that he brought you coffee & chocolates in bed this morning! He gets extra points for that!!!

Your wrap sessions really do help you, in many ways too! Is the meditation tape you listen to, one that you bring to the session, or is it one they provide? If its one you bring, what is it, and where do we get it?

You really are stable!! Most of that sandwich was carbs, and you only showed a 0.1 increase today- that's success!!

love you lots & lots!

helderheid said...

Thanks, LD!

I do have a meditation on my iPod, but this is something the wrap people provide. Here is the product info:

I may need to buy one for myself as it is truly incredible how it makes me feel.

Love to you!

Kathryn said...

I am so glad you are okay too!! I have not sharpened the knives in my knife box in a while but I think i will wait now!!

Thanks for the link to the meditation example. I will look into that for sure. Ive been attending a spiritual type prayer group at work - it is supposed to be religious but what i get out of it is to meditate and be thankful for everything good in my life and ask for balance and continued blessings. It helps a lot.

Congrats on the stabilization - omg those pics look sooooo good to those of us on P2!! But it is all the more motiviation to get to the place where you are now!

helderheid said...

Thanks Kathryn! Sorry if I tortured you with that picture ;) It really won't be too long for you now!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I've done that twice...multi tasking and not paying attention does it!

You are doing a great job with stabilization! I'm in P4 and have been having a tough time with grains.
I went back to P3 eating just to feel better.

Hope you enjoyed the coffee and truffle in bed!

helderheid said...

I definitely wasn't paying the kind of attention one slicing things should be! Ouch! Oh well. Thanks AR! Knock on wood this is stabilization and not a fluke! :) We had those fajitas tonight. Should be interesting to see what the scale says tomorrow after chocolate AND grains! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with grains. :( I hope P3 eating helps.

Maggie said...

Sorry to hear about the accident! Ouch!

Oh and I'll have to see if we have wrap people here in Waco!