Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 2 LM - 114.2 (+/- 0, - 2.5 of LDW)

Well there you have it. I fully expected a gain as I had veggie soup (OMG, I've missed that) with something like 1200 mg of sodium! It was so nice to eat more balanced yesterday, though I'm still venturing into sugar and starch land slooooowly. Tonight there is a get together with my son's old 4th grade class and there will be pizza. I may have a slice without JUST eating the cheese! Oh my! :)

I managed to do about 15 minutes of pilates before I got interrupted. It wasn't much but I was a little sore this morning so it was a good start. After 1 more cup of coffee, I'll go for it again. I will approach exercise the same way I'm approaching sugar and starch. I'm going to ease into all of it. I have a tendency to over do it ;) .

I got my new iPhone 4 yesterday! Gotta say, that is a nifty little gadget! Hopefully the picture quality here will improve!

Thank you Bunpoh for the award!! I should also thank Christy in Seattle for one I got way back when (I think it was Christy. If it wasn't, and it was YOU reading this, I apologize! My memory SUCKS). It's not that I don't "do" awards (insert me with my nose in the air here), it's that I'm too lazy to do anything with them! :) So thank you so much and I'm glad to follow you - your pictures are AMAZING!

Thanks for all the comments! I am feeling pretty empowered now that I am recognizing those patterns that I want to change in myself and to prevent with my children. I know exactly where they came from. Man, the programming we get as kids is POWERFUL!


lavenderdiva said...

Powerful indeed. And oh-so hard to see in ourselves, and oh-so hard to turn around. However. YOU have done a remarkable job of doing all of the above! It's wonderful that you are trying to prevent those same traits in your children. That's a good mama!

I know that veggie soup tasted SO good!! Enjoy your pizza tonight- LM Day 2. here you are: its the rest of your life, and you're doing great!!

love you!

helderheid said...

You brought tears to my eyes, LD. Thank you for being here for me always. I adore you and love you and am so glad we're friends.

I'd love to catch up with you and hear how your new adventures are going! Will you update soon? I'm not beneath begging. :)

lavenderdiva said...

I feel the same way about you, my friend. And no, you don't have to beg. I will update soon; I know I need to. Things have been sort of weird in these parts, and I haven't really known how to put it in black & white on the page. I will do so soon though- just for you!

love you back-

helderheid said...

GOOD! I can't wait for the update. I have the feeling you need to update to help sort out what's happening with you. It's cathartic and I know it's helping me sort through things.

I ate *2* pieces of pizza! You know what? They weren't worth the calories. I would have left the 2nd slice alone had I not been hungry.