Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 7 LM - 116 (+1.2, - .7 of LDW)

Howdy y'all!

The gain can be explained by not drinking enough water/iced tea, and that I'm ovulating according to my calendar. Not worried.

LD (so glad you're back!) asked I post a typical P4 menu. Unfortunately, nothing is terribly typical as I am doing so much running around these days! For instance, yesterday I ate 16 turkey sausages, a couple glasses of red wine, a bite of home made ice cream (with sugar), and a few cashews. Not balanced but it was one of those days. I do pretty much have 2-3 cups of coffee with half n half every morning, along with my supplements, which include my omega 3 fish oil pills and I pretty much count that as breakfast. I usually have either chicken breast or a salad for lunch, and dinner is whatever we're all eating together - so far that's been that subway sandwich,  fajitas, pizza, Costco chicken, and salmon with sautéed veggies. I run between 1600-2000 calories typically, the higher amount on the days when carbs are lower. I am still being careful about carbs given my thyroid issues, as I've read that lower/good carb diets are better for us hypothyroid peoples. :)

Not much to report. My shoulder is better, though it still looks a mess. I wish we could go camping but I have a rental vacancy I need to get filled so no going anywhere until that's done. The kids and I saw "Despicable Me" in 3D yesterday. Wonderful flick! Go see it.

Off to check in on you guys!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your shoulder is better..I think it looked as bad as your finger.

I started P4 and was having trouble with carbs. I've heard of low carb diets and hypothyroid is a good combination. I'm going to try digestive enzymes to help with the carb problems, too.

Drink your water!

helderheid said...

My shoulder actually looks worse than my finger! :)

I really should do the digestive enzymes. I LOVE your carb cycling! I think I'll do that too. I don't want carbs to set me off and that system makes sense to me! Thanks for sharing that.

Kathryn said...

Glad to hear your shoulder is feeling better. Just curious - did you really have 16 turkey sausages or was that a typo... Maybe they are smaller sausages - just curious. Thanks for the movie review - we are going to check it out.
P.s I left you a comment on your previous post. I thought I had done the word verification properly and it showed up. I hope I did not offend in any way. Just want to check to be sure :) ((Hugs to you))

helderheid said...

Hey Kathryn! I never saw your comment!! You must have messed up on the word verification!

helderheid said...

Oh and they were little sausages!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for clarifying about the sausages!!! Just had to ask because being on P2 and not getting too much good eating, 16 sausages sounds so freaking good!! Guess I will just stick to dreaming of sausages - maple syrup breakfast ones are my favourite.

lavenderdiva said...

Hey sweetie! Don't you dare worry about this little blip on the scale today. Its TOM-related, and will go away in a few days. Be sure to keep drinking your water to flush your system.

Thank you so much for posting your P4 intake. I think one reason I never stabilized, is I was just eating too darned much! My poor system just couldn't keep up.

I'm still trying to figure out when & how to start my next round. I'm going to post about my quandry soon, as I know it helps to sort out my feelings & thoughts, just to get it out, and get input from you.

love you much!