Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's official

I begin my load days Friday. I'm throwing a birthday party for my daughter with her friends that day and we'll do pizza and ice cream. The next day is her actual birthday and we'll do our traditional fondu. First VLCD will be the October 4th - a full moon. I will be waning with it! For some reason my rounds seem to fall on significant astrological dates. I'll take it.

As of today, I am exactly at my last dose weight of 123.4. I have organic steak waiting for me for Thursday, regardless of my weight, so I can start as low as possible before the load days.

I've been very nervous about this round. Apprehensive at times. Now I'm getting excited! The idea that I will be back in the hundred teens thrills me. I'm going to have to make some money in between here and there as I will need to do a whole lot more shopping when this is complete! Anyone need a Realtor? ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gearing up!

Okay, I am sick of steak days. The last couple months I appear to have become carb sensitive once more. I didn't do a completely clean round last time and wonder if it's to blame, or if it's because I went without my thyroid meds for a month. Either way, I'm back on the meds and ready to do a final clean round. I have a 28 day supply and plan to load only 2 days this time rather than 3 since this round will be shorter. First round was 60 days. Last one was 45. This one is a month - YEAH!!!!

I know it sounds nuts but I've been low carbing for the last week in hopes of dropping down far enough that the load weight won't make me faint with shock. LDW was 123.4. I am at 122.8 today and hoping not to get above 126 or 127. I averaged last time around .5 a day, but that included the load weight. If I get up to say 126, I have then 26 days of VLCD (not including the 72 hours after P2) and if I do the average weight loss I had last time, that gets me to 113. My ultimate goal was 112. Wii Fit says that is my ideal BMI weight. However, there are 2 new factors this time. First, I am closer to my goal than before. Second though, I always lost the most in the first 2 weeks and this is a shorter round so if that stays true to this round, I may actually reach my goal weight before the round is up.

This should be interesting!

I have to admit, I'm nervous. I know that sounds silly but I've not done this for almost 10 months. I feel like a first timer again!

Dates considering to start: tomorrow or Friday and Saturday. My daughter's birthday is in a week. I plan on ordering pizza for her party and we always do fondu for dinner on our birthdays. Can we say loading food?