Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's official

I begin my load days Friday. I'm throwing a birthday party for my daughter with her friends that day and we'll do pizza and ice cream. The next day is her actual birthday and we'll do our traditional fondu. First VLCD will be the October 4th - a full moon. I will be waning with it! For some reason my rounds seem to fall on significant astrological dates. I'll take it.

As of today, I am exactly at my last dose weight of 123.4. I have organic steak waiting for me for Thursday, regardless of my weight, so I can start as low as possible before the load days.

I've been very nervous about this round. Apprehensive at times. Now I'm getting excited! The idea that I will be back in the hundred teens thrills me. I'm going to have to make some money in between here and there as I will need to do a whole lot more shopping when this is complete! Anyone need a Realtor? ;)


Caitlin Murphy said...

I am a Realtor, too! :) Well, really, really part time Realtor. :) It is hard with two kids and no daycare... What state do you practice, maybe someday I can send you a referral? I am in Wyoming. Anyway, here is wishing you much success coming up! Have fun!

helderheid said...

Hey fellow Realtor! I know what you mean. I have 2 kids myself. I'm either showing homes while they are in school or when my husband is home and can watch them.

I'm in Utah! I'm happy send business your direction too!

lavenderdiva said...

hey, helderheid-- I just mixed my first batch of HCG, ready to start my first load day tomorrow! I'm looking forward to OUR transformations!!


helderheid said...

YEAH!! I'm going to have my husband mix mine this evening. I am so excited/nervous!!

Autumn Rose said...

Good luck with your round! Hope you see the teens soon. I've been debating whether or no to do another round..mid 120s now and want to see the teens, too. I do custom sewing and embroidery to earn my shopping money.

helderheid said...

AutumnRose, where are you? Also, how tall are you?

I really need this round. I've gotten back into old habits and a total shift is what I need to break out of that. I am dreading the scale tomorrow after all the food today!

Lavenderdiva, how is it going????

helderheid said...

Autumn Rose, I just read your last couple blog posts. TAKE A BREAK. I had the same experience last round. I hope this round to be able to release the final 10-12 pounds but I lost only 2.5 pounds the last 2 weeks of my last round. This is too hard to do without dramatic results.