Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gearing up!

Okay, I am sick of steak days. The last couple months I appear to have become carb sensitive once more. I didn't do a completely clean round last time and wonder if it's to blame, or if it's because I went without my thyroid meds for a month. Either way, I'm back on the meds and ready to do a final clean round. I have a 28 day supply and plan to load only 2 days this time rather than 3 since this round will be shorter. First round was 60 days. Last one was 45. This one is a month - YEAH!!!!

I know it sounds nuts but I've been low carbing for the last week in hopes of dropping down far enough that the load weight won't make me faint with shock. LDW was 123.4. I am at 122.8 today and hoping not to get above 126 or 127. I averaged last time around .5 a day, but that included the load weight. If I get up to say 126, I have then 26 days of VLCD (not including the 72 hours after P2) and if I do the average weight loss I had last time, that gets me to 113. My ultimate goal was 112. Wii Fit says that is my ideal BMI weight. However, there are 2 new factors this time. First, I am closer to my goal than before. Second though, I always lost the most in the first 2 weeks and this is a shorter round so if that stays true to this round, I may actually reach my goal weight before the round is up.

This should be interesting!

I have to admit, I'm nervous. I know that sounds silly but I've not done this for almost 10 months. I feel like a first timer again!

Dates considering to start: tomorrow or Friday and Saturday. My daughter's birthday is in a week. I plan on ordering pizza for her party and we always do fondu for dinner on our birthdays. Can we say loading food?


lavenderdiva said...

Hey, helderheid- I am going to load 3 days this round, as it is my first round, and I am nervous about getting enough fats so that I don't feel hungry. So, I will start loading on the 1st, and my first VLCD will be on Sunday, the 4th. That way, we'll be on the same schedule with you loading for 2 days. How about that?

I don't think you should be nervous, although I understand it. I'll just bet that it all will come back to you, once you get started again. Be patient with yourself, you are closer to your goal weight (WOOhoo!!) than ever before, and your body may (or may not) react differently than in previous rounds. It will be exciting and interesting!! :)
-- lavenderdiva

Caitlin Murphy said...

Hi, I just found your blog through the network of other HCG blogs and followers. I look forward to following your story and wish you much success!

Pamela said...

I've so loved reading your whole blog.
It has been such an inspiration. I'm babysitting my grandkids and not use to making their meals & mine.
Your blog encourages me.
Thanks for talking about BM. I'm R1 P2 d-24 and the last time I went was after 2 cups of "Smooth Move" taken in the AM. (Bad Move -- not a joke)
That was 9 days ago but don't feel too constipated. Any ideas?

Sandi said...

HEllo! Thankyou so much for keeping this blog! You look amazing. I just started my 2nd load day (first timer) and am looking forward to reading your daily entries as they are so inspiring and will help me keep going!
Here is to your finally continued success!

helderheid said...

Thank you all for the comments! Lavenderdiva and Sandi, I so look forward to doing this with you guys! The support is so vital. We need to keep in touch daily and encourage each other. I had so much support form Beaker and Beb the last time. I've not heard from them in ages so I am thrilled you two will be on this journey with me!

Caitlin, thank you! I am thrilled you enjoyed it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the best wishes! Where are you with the HCG? Are you already on the protocol?

Pamela, I'm glad you could relate. BOY was that a mistake!! LOL! I've since learned that daily doses of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar in water not only helps support your liver and kidneys, it gets things moving and is protocol friendly. I take it every day now. Helps kill cravings too!

I'll start posting more frequently - thanks again!