Saturday, August 29, 2009

New plan (and pictures)!

My trip to San Diego has been cancelled so I don't have to worry about being on the protocol during early November! Woohoo!

That said, my new plan is to load October 17 (my 10 year anniversary) and 18, and be on P2 from Oct. 19 to November 15 (a total of 26 days and 2 days of loading which is how many days worth of HCG I have) which will have me in P3 until December 10th. I'll have to do a P3 friendly Thanksgiving, but that's fine with me. Very doable as the turkey is really all I want.

WOOHOO! I am so ready to do this and do it right! I cheated a bit last round with a shot of vodka here and there. I won't this time. Also, I have read that Dr. Gedde has discovered that mixing the HCG with alcohol destroys some protein in the hormone. I've been told the best way to mix now is with saline solution so that's the plan this time. I'm hoping it will go a little more smoothly than last round (which was nuts).

I had to do a steak day yesterday but that got me to 124.1 (LDW is 123.4). I'm doing an extremely low carb day today (chicken breasts which I've not had since the protocol - SO yummy on the Foreman grill and sooo low in calories and fat!). I am hoping to see another drop as I hate being on the high end of acceptable. I have a goal to be at 120 by Oct 17 so that after my load days I won't be too terribly high, and then it is my hope and goal to get to 110-112 this last round. That's my ideal weight.

Okay, and now for some recent pics taken in the last couple months! I'm around 123 and 124 in these.

Till next time!


Corie said...

Hi! You said that you were told the best way to mix is with saline solution (and not use alcohol). What do you mean exactly? Are you just using saline solution only or did you just replace the vodka with saline solution? I was about to use the vodka & distilled water formula that you were using before but then I saw this. What is your NEW recipe? Also, it seems that people (yourself included) have had good results using the vodka, even the pharmacist from the yahoo group uses it - so just trying to understand, if alcohol destroys the protein in HCG, how is using vodka yielding good results for those who use it (and there are A LOT of people using it). I have my HCG and was about to start but this confusion about best way to mix it for sublingual use is keeping me from starting - I keep finding conflicting info. I just want to do it right. Please help! Thanks!

helderheid said...

I hate to tell you but I'm equally confused about the mixing. I'm going to start sometime this week and am trying to figure out what to do. I had phenomenal results with my old mix, though I also had a lot of ups and downs and wonder if the new mix would be more successful. I couldn't get an answer from anyone as to exactly what the new mix would be. Best I could gather was to replace all water and vodka with pure saline (.09 sodium) and was told "Simply Saline" was a good product to use. I'm going to buy some today and do some more research.

Sorry to be so late in responding! Have you started?

Corie said...

Hello again

Yes I did start on Sunday the 20th. I decided to just use only Simply Saline (wound wash). I found it at Wal-Mart. Simply Saline has a nasal saline too that has the same amount of sodium chloride (.09) but it seems to come out as a mist and the wound wash seemed more practical for what we are using it for.

I am losing steadily about a pound a day so far, but the problem is I don't know if it's from the hcg or just the VLCD. Obviously we would lose weight as fast on just the VLCD alone. So I don't know if the mixed hcg is working. I have had mild hunger all week that seems to come and go but sometimes very noticeable - but so far I've not given in to it. I didn't eat as much as I probably should have the first 2 days, so that may be the cause of the hunger (only gained 2 pounds first 2 days). I am a little concerned that the hcg (as mixed) may not be potent and that it may not stay potent with just the saline solution. I've read that people who are using the saline solution seem to be having good results but again I wonder if that is due to the hcg or the VLCD???

Anyway, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and see how or if my hunger subsides. It seems that that is the best indicator that the hcg is working - no hunger.

I mixed a 5000 iu with 10 ml of the simply saline wound wash and dosing at .25 ml/cc twice a day 12 hours apart. I went with the smallest (total) amount because it seemed like the smaller the dose the easier it would be to keep under the tongue??? What are your thoughts on that? However, I'm thinking that I should have used the 1 ml of sodium chloride that came with the hcg as solvent. I just reconstituted with 2 ml of the simply saline wound wash first, then added another 8 ml. I think I might do a fresh batch on Sunday, using the sodium chloride it came with this time. I ordered more hcg and plan to mix a fresh batch each week to hopefully keep the hcg fresh if the saline solution doesn't preserve it for very long.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback or suggestions you might have.

Sorry it took me so long to reply too :-) Thank you!

lavenderdiva said...

hey, helderheid! I'm planning on loading this coming Thursday Oct. 1 or Friday Oct. 2. When do you plan to start? I've been keeping up with your mixing discussion on yahoo, and am going to be using your original vodka + distilled water mix. I'm sorry, but you had such good results with your previous rounds, and this discussion about using vodka has been going on for some time. There are several people who have posted that they have lost lots of weight using the vodka sublingual mix. If it was good enough for them and for you originally, then that's good enough for me! Its easy to do, and as I got the flavored vodka, I'm hoping that it will taste good as well! I got the 2000iu amps, so I will be mixing more frequently. I am mainly doing it this way b/c of my fear of how it will taste otherwise. I will have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off from work, so if there are any side effects that I may experience, at least I will be at home. Did you have any side effects at first? I'm looking forward to beginning my downward weight spiral! Are you going to start later in October, after your anniversary? I'm looking forward to having a buddy beside me this round! --lavenderdiva

helderheid said...

Corie, I had the same thoughts as you when I first started and with my first round, I was starving for about 10 days. Second round I didn't experience hunger. I'm not sure why! I loaded 3 days each round and hardly gained each time. I wish I had better advice on the saline alone versus other preservatives. I'm planning on mixing with what it comes with, and add distilled water and vodka. It worked before so I figure I shouldn't mess with success. I will, however, this round avoid the occasional vodka shot - I am doing the cleanest round ever. This is my last round. I don't want there to be any chance of stabilization problems. I thought all was well this time but the last couple months I've become carb sensitive again and am doing way too many steak days.

Lavenderdiva, I was thinking of starting tomorrow or the day after but you have me re-thinking this as we could start together! Let me look at my calender and I'll let you know. I'd like to be done before Thanksgiving. I'm not worried about my anniversary anymore. We already went to Vegas last month to do a pre-celebration! I have a 28 day supply. My daughter's birthday is Sat. the 3rd. What are your thoughts about loading the 2nd and 3rd? That would have me in P4 exactly on Thanksgiving!