Monday, November 30, 2009

First day of P4 - 115.2 and SICK

114.5 on suck up. I consider myself officially stable! What a GREAT feeling.

Not so great feeling? The sore throat and stuffy head. I gotta say, thank GOD I am in P4 today because I am just downing chicken veggie soup like it's going out of style. It has some non-P3 friendly ingredients.

I am trying to relax. I've been dieting for so long. Finally being at the weight I want to be, I need to retrain myself and relax. To not worry about what this food is going to do. I need to eat what I crave because I'm craving healthy foods. I need to relax.

Obviously I'm not doing a steak day today. I have the steaks ready if I need them, and will freeze them for later if I don't need one tomorrow.

I have so much I want to share but am just feeling crappy. Part of it is the cold I caught, and I'm sure part is hormonal as I am crying at the drop of a hat. I know much of that is because I'm back home and back to reality, but I literally just burst into tears without any provocation. It's also the fear of the surgery. If I let myself think about it, my stomach goes into knots. I absolutely panic.

I'll write more tomorrow. I do have much to process and I love processing with all of you. You really help me, more than I can say.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last day of P3 - 116

My lovieeeeeeeeeeees!!! I have been bad. I had every intention of keeping up with all y'all, as well as keeping all y'all posted. Sorry. Way too much fun was to be had. Oh. My. God. I LOVE PORTLAND. Love it. LOVE it. Love the city, love being surrounded by hippies, love the local food, wine, art, nature, and last but not least, my family is all up there!! We rented a 6 bedroom house in the city where my parents, brother and his family, and my clan all shared, and my sister and her wasband visited every day. We drank the most succulent wine EVER from the winery where my sister works, ate great food (I stuck to cheese and chicken mostly), and shared wonderful memories with one another from Thanksgiving's past. It was great. Just great. I felt normal there. It was amazing! We all had a terrific time and I can't remember the last time we were all together.

Technically I don't need a steak day, but tomorrow I'm doing one. After all, this is 116 on the suck up. She can't be trusted. :)

You may have noticed the background has changed - we did our yearly collages while together and this is my new one for the next year. Everything on my old collage has come true.

I have lots more to say, but I'm exhausted from the drive so I'll post some pictures and report tomorrow. I have a LOT of your blogs to catch up on!

Monday, November 23, 2009

P3 day 13 - 115.3

The steak was way salty and once more I was terrible with my water intake. Still, I dropped so that had me happy.

I've been packing like mad. We leave first thing in the morning for a verrrrrrry long drive. With stops for gas and bathroom breaks, I expect it will take about 13+ hours. We'll split up the driving. Still, it should prove to be an extremely long day.

OH, I almost forgot! I need to pack my scale! I think I'll take suck up with me. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Okay - I think I'll attempt this for Thanksgiving this year, minus the crust - P3 Friendly Pumpkin Cheesecake

Low Carb Pumpkin Cheesecake

This cheesecake is everything a good cheesecake should be. No one will know it is sugar free and gluten free unless you tell. Under 4 carbs for a large serving, very diabetic friendly.


28 oz. of Cream Cheese (3.5 8oz packages)
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1 Tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
4 eggs plus
1 egg yolk
3 Tablespoons heavy cream
1 (15 oz.) can organic pumpkin
1.25 teaspoon of stevia (or your favorite non-carb sweetener)
2 cups finely ground pecans for crust
3 tablespoons butter for crust
2 egg whites for crust


makes 30 4.5 inch by .75 inch slices
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix about 16th teaspoon stevia, ground pecans butter and 2 egg whites.
Press into a 9x13 glass pan sprayed with cooking spray.
Bake for 20 minutes.
Turn oven down to 300 degrees.
Bring all cold ingredients to room temp.
I microwave the cream cheese for 30 seconds to make it easier to work with.
Add 1/2 teaspoon stevia and vanilla to cream cheese and mix well (no lumps)
In a separate bowl add pumpkin, 1/16th teaspoon stevia, and
spices .
To the cream cheese mixture add 1 egg at a time, mix throughly but gently.
Fold the pumpkin mixture into the cream cheese mixture. Stop mixing when the pumpkin is blended with cream cheese.
Pour the mixture over the baked pecan crust and place in a water bath (larger pan with warm water halfway up the sides of the cheesecake.) The moisture in the oven will help stop the cheese cake from cracking.
Place the water bath containing the cheese cake into the 300 degree oven and cook for 1 hour.
Then reduce oven temp to 200 degrees and cook for another hour.
Then turn the oven off and leave cheese cake in oven until the oven is completely cooled.
Cracks can occur if the cheese cake cools too quickly.
Then let set up in fridge for several hours. (at least 4)
Cut with knife dipped in warm water.

Number of Servings: 30


P3 Day 12 - 116.2 - I'm not surprised

There was NOTHING I could eat at the wine meetup last night, but I didn't want to drink on an empty stomach so I took globs of dip I brought (cheese cream based I think) and simply ate that. I'm sure everyone thought I was nuts. I don't know if there was sugar or starch in the dips. I felt they were probably safe, but I wasn't sure. Technically I don't need a steak day, but like round 1, I seem to be stabilizing lower so I'm doing a steak day anyway.

My dear friend is in town from Switzerland so we're meeting at a restaurant at 3 where I will order my steak. I may buy another small one to eat later as well.

Someone from Sparkpeople wrote me on my sparkpage to tell me she found my blog and read it from the beginning (hi Caligirl! *waves*). I should be packing for my trip and getting ready to meet my girlfriend, yet I went back and read this from the beginning as well. It's been one hell of a journey! I am so grateful. Beyond words grateful for this protocol and all the support I've had from all y'all while on it. Thank you.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

P3 day 11 - 115.8 (1.9 over LLW and 1.9 under LDW)

I ate way too much salt and didn't drink enough water.I'm not concerned in the least though.

So, I'm procrastinating again. I need to scrub the toilets and bathrooms. They are hideous. We have a baby sitter tonight so we can get out to a Wine Club meetup. I'm looking forward to being social! It's been ages.

Hope you're all well!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Clean desk

MUCH better.

P3 day 10 - 114.4

So I seem to be bopping between 113.5-115.5 - fabulous! Not so fabulous? I need new jeans and I feel like I'm hemorrhaging money lately. With the trip coming up and then the in-laws staying here (which is always expensive), I'm nervous about spending. Even my size 4 corduroys are getting loose! I know, I know, what a problem to have. I love my smaller size but seriously!

I'm also procrastinating. I need to attack my desk, rip and tear, file papers and... *gulp* pay bills and I need to do this now. Then I need to attack the rest of the house AND my car, but this has to happen *first*. I've got to have a clear handle on the finances before we take off and I don't want any surprises of bills not being paid on time when we get back.

Hugs to all y'all!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

P3 day 9 - 115.4 (yesterday 115.2)

Woah, what a day.

Sorry to have been MIA. So much happening. I had a closing today (YEAH!! I am so happy for EVERYONE involved!), I had the thermogram (which was also very cool - bet no one has said that about a mammogram except a doctor!), and have been working on my next transaction, which was accepted 2 days ago. How I'd love to be this busy in real estate all the time!!

I won't have the results of my test for 2-4 weeks, she said, though I told her we HAD to have it before 4 weeks, as I am due to have surgery Dec 15. She assured me she'd rush it. I'm going to call her tomorrow and give her my email address in hopes of being able to communicate more easily that way and perhaps get updates more often.

I'm doing a steak day today, though I really didn't need to. I expected to need to so I thawed the steak and now it has to be eaten so there you go.

I returned the little black dress... I replaced it with a much more practical sweater dress that I also couldn't get out of my mind that I will be able to wear this Thanksgiving, to wine meet ups, closings, and just whenever AND with my BOOTS!

Picture this with black tights and my knee high boots:

I have no idea what I'm doing with my mouth in this picture...

I was also about 8 pounds heavier in this picture than when I bought the dress. Looks lots better now. So very happy!

** HUGS **

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

VERY quick update - forget the mammogram!

Hey guys! I've read your blogs but haven't had a chance to respond tonight. It's been crazy with 2 real estate transactions but all is well now! Just tired and happy!

So, my doctor suggested I do this instead of the mammogram:

So, my Thursday mammogram is cancelled and after my closing that day, I'll do this instead. My plastic surgeon is SO curious to learn more about this so I am making it my mission to teach him all about it!

I'll catch up tomorrow!


P3 day 7 - 113.4! 2 more weeks to go!

Hey, peeps! What a surprise this morning! I was feeling really stressed yesterday and fell into some wine and cheese. I thawed a steak just in case. No need, apparently!

My old scale has me at 114.7 which is so odd, given it's usually the suck up. Ah well, either way, I'm fine.

Front page on the paper today says women should wait until age 50 for a mammogram. Oh well! I apparently needed an appointment so it was a no go yesterday. I have an appointment Thursday night.

Speaking of the girls, the kids and I went to Target yesterday to buy a garland. Normally we'd wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, but it's so cold here right now and the snow is on the ground. We'll be out of town for Thanksgiving so I figured we'd decorate early. As is often the case when with little people, my son began asking for other decorations. I told him we've got some major expenses coming up such as our trip, their Opa and Oma and Tante coming to visit, etc., we really couldn't afford to be frivolous. My daughter in full voice said, "That's right and then there are your new breasts. They'll be expensive". Oh my heavens, I can only imagine how big my eyes got at that point! My son is 9, and my daughter is 7. Hee hee!

Hugs to you all!

Monday, November 16, 2009

P3 Day 6 - 115.3 - WOAH!

I'm not surprised. I ate more carbs (I have homemade cream of asparagus soup that would expire otherwise that I ate 4 cups of) and not enough protein, I'm afraid.

I have chosen 113.9 as my LLW, even though I dropped to 113, as I need one weight to compare to. So, I don't need a steak day unless I go about 115.9. I'm going to up the protein today and we'll see how that goes.

Happy New Moon!

Today I'm going to get my mammogram. I'm a little nervous!

Okay, coffee, workout, get dressed and go. Hope you guys are great (and happy and relaxed)!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

P3 day 5 - 113.1


Well whaddayaknow.

I am a month away from surgery. I have to admit, I've been having panic attacks all morning. I must get calm.

AH! I know JUST the thing...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

P3 day 4 - 114.2 (.3 above LLW) COOL!

Looks like my bod likes this weight! YEEEEHAAWW!!

I was busy with clients today. I delivered 3 boxes of chocolates to past and current buyers. I have 8 more to deliver to tenants and landlords and my other buyer. I'll hopefully get to that by next Saturday. I am changing my real estate goals. I want to sell as many homes as I can until June 2010. That's when the board dues are due. I am suddenly busy, which is funny given this time of year. I have one home under contract, and another with an offer being submitted to the bank (pre-forclosure sale) that looks very promising, and I just got a note from someone who I know from facebook who wants to sell their home and buy closer to the city. I am thrilled! I would love to be really successful between now and June and get paid back for all the expenses of starting the business and have everything totally covered. I would feel most complete with that!

I need to get back in gear with the sorting of each of the rooms in my house. I was doing so well and then got distracted! There's a lot to go through. My daughter has given up barbies and dolls and has a doll house she wants to sell. I was somewhat surprised as she is such a little princess but I guess she'd rather dress herself up instead. So, I need to sort all the toys and do a sale, as well as give to charity. 'Tis the season!


Friday, November 13, 2009

P3 day 3 -114.1 (.2 over LLW)

LLW - Last Lowest Weight. :)

Not bad!

Had my hair done and promised before surgery in the size 2 dress pics, so here we go!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's done!

First, I need to thank all of you for the support. I'm embarrassed but check back for comments more often than I am comfortable admitting to! Your support and feedback means the WORLD to me.

Second, it's done.

I called the surgeon I saw yesterday and scheduled the surgery for December 15 for EVERYTHING. I called the Quaker surgeon and cancelled my consult. As I hung up on that call, I looked down on my phone and saw the clock was at 11:11, which said to me I'd done the right thing.

Let me briefly explain 11:11.

When you read tarot cards, you can choose a certain card to be a signifier card, or a card that you know you will see if you were meant to ask the question or if the answer is particularly important to pay attention to. I've noticed lately that I have other symbols in my life that represent such signifiers - ones that bring me comfort and
represent that I'm on the right path. 11:11 has ALWAYS been one for me. I see it at least once a day on the clock. The Harley Davidson logo was one for a long time but is no longer.

More recently, FedEx trucks, and especially the arrow in their logo
(look closely between the E and the X).

Now, it's the car brand Audi. I see them everywhere. They aren't a particularly popular brand here, either. Yesterday I spotted 27. They say you see what you're looking for.

Oh, and I tried on the dress while stuffing my bra to the hilt. The 2 definitely fits. Speaking of size, I know it isn't protocol but I'm counting today as my LIW. I did it successfully first round so why not now!

Tomorrow I am getting a cut and color for my hair, and hopefully will have time to get the mammogram the doctor wants me to have to rule out any problems before surgery. I'm also presenting an offer on a home for a client. Think good thoughts!

**HUGS** to you all!

P3 day 2 - 113.9 (you read that right!)

Over 2 pounds down! As I mentioned in the comments to Miss Mary, I believe this is the Universe preparing me for my new breasts which will add on a pound or so. :) I'm going from an a/b to a c - I was a b/c before the babes were born.

So I know I'm not supposed to be dropping weight. I am now what I weighed on my wedding day and consider me PERFECT. I've told my fitness program to maintain this weight. :D I'm done! I'm done, done, done! YEEHAW!

My toe had a hang nail and it's now infected. I am dressed for working out (it's been forever!) but think I'll stick to low impact as that toe hurts! I have neosporin on it. I hope I'm not too late. It's been bugging me for about half a week but it wasn't until today that I found the ointment.

OKAY, so with the extra drop, I'm going to try that dress on ONE more time and really evaluate the size pre/post surgery and will exchange it if needed. I think I probably should. We'll see. I know you're on pins and needles so I'll keep you posted. :P

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is it with my weight dropping NOW? Day 1 P3 116.1 (115.7 on old scale)

My size six jeans are officially way too big. I cannot believe it! I'm thrilled and annoyed all at once (though the thrilled far out weighs the annoyed!).

My appointments went fantastic! Here is the email I sent my darling (I'm lazy and don't want to retype):

I LIKE him.

I had a really good consultation. I went over my concerns about the look being natural and the way a natural breast slopes versus so many augmented breasts and he said my body shape would work for that natural slope no problem. He also warned me about going too big because of the way my rib cage is shaped which I SO appreciated. We tried on some implants in a bra and a tank and DAMN, did I look good!

Anyway, for kicks I asked about a tummy tuck as I'd eventually want to do that too and was surprised to find out because my stomach muscles are so strong, he wouldn't even need to repair them, but simply get rid of the extra skin. He could do it at the same time which would tack on an extra week worth of recovery (normally it would tack on an extra month but because my tummy is in good shape, it's a lot less recovery time).

Anyway, I'm thinking of scheduling this for when your parents are here so we'd have the extra help.

OK, off to my next scary appointment!!! EEK!



So, it went great. I also loved that he didn't try to sell me more stuff. I went to a consult years ago and the guy wouldn't stop talking about all the things he could do to make me as perfect as possible. This guy validated where I was coming from and actually seemed relieved that I was realistic about my goals. He loved the "ski jump" analogy and actually wrote that down on the paperwork. The fact that he could do a relatively easy tummy tuck too just thrilled me. We communicated well, and his book was filled with one testimonial after another.

So, I told my husband that my commissions from this year just about covered the expenses and I have 2 more sales coming up that would cover the surgery, leaving the money in the bank to cover taxes. I told him how I was going to see if I couldn't move my other consult up and he finished my sentence saying "Or just cancel and go ahead and schedule for when my parents are here with the guy you saw today."

HHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! That would mean surgery in the first week and a half in December. I would have extra help from his family and it would be over the holidays so I wouldn't have to worry about work or taking the kids to and from school.


Now onto my next appointment....

OUCH !!! But so worth it (though hubby only gets to look, no touching for 48 hours!)!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I bought the dress!

Okay, after showing homes, I was in the neighborhood of Anne Taylor Loft and HAD to see if my dress was still there.

It was.

It was there, and it was marked down 50% off!!

Oh, I had to buy it now. Had to. However, I was now almost 5 pounds lighter than last I tried it on and 5 pounds off a 5' tall person is A LOT. So, into the dressing room I went with the size 4 I'd tried before, as well as a size 2.

The 2 fit.

I about screamed!!

I happily had the woman there ring it up. She gushed about how much she loved that particular dress and how they'd marked it down just the day before. I told her and the other clerk who was also going on about the dress that I'd been there last week and just couldn't get it out of my mind. The other clerk said, "That's how you know you just have to have something! When you can't get it out of your mind!"

I could burst, I'm so happy!

Now I am wondering however if I shouldn't take it back and exchange it for the 4. I am getting my "girls" a boost. I thought about that when trying them on and there is room for growth in both, just more in the 4.

What do you guys think??

Last day before P3. 116.5 today. Appointments made tomorrow. Now I need an adult warning!

Hey all!

116.5 on the NEW scale, 115.9 on the kiss assy old one. I remember after my first round that my last dose weight was in the 140s but I dropped into the 130s during the 72 hours before P3. Technically I shouldn't have hung onto that lower weight while stabilizing, but I couldn't face going back to the 140s after seeing the 130s. That said, if I can stabilize at a lower weight, by golly, I will! Less than 5 pounds from my original goal (though that doesn't seem important in the least anymore. I'm thrilled where I am!).

So, I have 2 appointments tomorrow... but one is not with a doctor...

I have an appointment with the most recommended surgeon tomorrow at 10. My friend sent me to a site of a surgeon in NY who is also an artist. His work is goooorrrrrgeous. I've printed my favorites and also emailed the surgeon what I want. This doctor I'm seeing doesn't have profile after pictures so I couldn't tell if he does the same kind of work. My husband and I have been looking at after shots and he explained it best, that most afters look so horribly round and therefore not real. That a natural breast curves in such a way that it looks like a ski jump down to the nipple, where as many augmented breasts gon't have that slope, but are curving over and round. I want the ski jump!

Here is the NY doc's website:

Here are my favorite afters:

The OTHER appointment I have...

I'm getting my first Brazilian! Not the people, the waxing! Hee! I am VERY nervous. I called my sister who I knew would be appreciative as she has sworn they are terrific. She was so pleased and said, "Oh this is so exciting! I remember my first Brazilian - it was so liberating!" and in the background I could hear her wusband snort and chuckle, "I'm outta here!".

Here's where I'm going and their explanation as to what to expect the first time. It gave me a laugh!


Monday, November 9, 2009

I know, I am SUCH a chatty cathy lately! 117 today and took my measurements...

They don't call it Pounds and Inches for nothin'!

117 this morning, no dosing, and I am SO looking forward to P3 on Wednesday!

I have a few doctors to call today. I'll keep y'all posted on what I find out and decide to do. I am considering all the doctors here (they share an office, that makes it easy):

and I consistently liked the photos from this doctor:

I think I'll find just the right artist between them all. :)

Toodle-oo, buckeroos!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

HAD to post - I heard back from the fantastically educated Quaker surgeon!

The other physician I planned on making an appointment with tomorrow is one of his partners!

I will call the office first thing in the morning. Thank you so much for the reply and explanation!



Larry Leonard wrote:
> Clarity,
> Thanks for your note. I do not use before and after pictures. I feel that this is a poor way to choose a surgeon since the worst surgeon can present a few good results. What one would like to see is the last ten (or one hundred) unselected results. Only this would reflect a surgeon's mean outcome and not just the very best that he can achieve. Also each patient, including you, is unique. The fact that one patient with a given anatomy achieved a good result does not mean that another patient with different anatomy will. My six partners at are all excellent, also younger and less opinionated than me, and do not generally share my aversion to pre and post operative pictures. Please look through their galleries. You will see only very good results.
> I am also not impressed with "smart lipo." This is a heavily marketed minor variation on the lipo techniques we have been using quite successfully for more than twenty years. There are sixty board certified plastic surgeons in Utah, and I do not know of anyone who is using "smart lipo." Where skin tightening by heating is the aim perhaps there will be a place for the use of the laser, but this is not yet clear.
> Most plastic surgeons in Utah including myself do not charge for cosmetic consults, so I would be pleased to actually visit with you in person, examine you, and make a recommendation about the surgeon who is most likely to satisfy your needs. Please call the office at (801) 408-2508 to make an appointment.
> Larry
> Larry G. Leonard, M.D. FACS
> Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah
> Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

Alright, my lovies... I'm calling it a day... and I'm calling this round over.


I am starving. It hit like a train. No amount of water nor cucumbers will curb this hunger, and I ate over 2 pounds of cucumbers an hour ago!

I'm not counting today as my last dose weight. I was 117.3 yesterday and .3 more today and though I dosed this morning, the HCG as I've said, must be bad. It's been about 10 days since it came out of the freezer so no surprise.

I'm 117 pounds and I bought Ralph Lauren Polo size 4 corduroys today that fit so perfectly, I'm going back to Costco to buy them in every color. SIZE FREAKIN' 4. Although my new boobs will put my weight a little higher, at least that weight is accounted for ;). Who knows - a little shaping with smart lipo later could counterbalance that anyway. Oh, and I can't wait to start back up with my Wii!!

Speaking of new boobs, I have now gotten 3 referrals to the same doctor. I will be giving him a call tomorrow. I LOVE that he lists all of his procedures AND their prices, right on his website. He's the only one I've seen do that. Very impressive.

So thank you all soooooooooooooo much again for the support! I will continue to blog as the HCG may be done, but the emotional journey continues on, and I just love all y'all.


117.6, up .3, dosed anyway, I've had lunch and I'm still hungry. Crap.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

To make up for my previous way too long post, something short and sweet

I've been logging my calories and exercise for years using fitness assistant.

Here is a graph of my weight loss in the last 3 years. Can you tell when I did my rounds? :)

Click on the image for a larger version.

Hello m'dears...

117.3 today. I dosed. I must say though, this is getting REALLY old. I am so friggin' bored. My taste buds are gearing up for P3 in a big way.

My jeans are falling off me. My size 6 jeans. I cannot believe this! I am NOT complaining. This is incredible to me. I cannot believe I am back. I am BACK.

I spent much of the day researching plastic surgery. I think I may have found my surgeon. I'm thinking boobs first. Mine are gone. Between the breast feeding and the weight loss, they are gone, gone, gone. Thank goodness for really good bras.

So looking for a plastic surgeon in Utah is an interesting experience. The local dominate faith says no to tattoos and extra piercings, but is all for breast augmentation. I mean the clinics here are like the sex shops in Holland - on every corner it seems. So, I looked and looked, and then decided to look on facebook for kicks. I searched for Utah Plastic Surgeon. facebook grabbed people I had mutual friends with and I think I may have found my guy. He is in Park City and he is a friend of another friend of mine who I know from Quaker meeting. He's apparently a Quaker and completely on the same page as I am politically. Now of course, this wouldn't be enough for me and just looking at his webpage, I would have most likely skipped him altogether. No before or after pictures which I consider a must, and the website looks like he could have put it together and did so 15 years ago. Because he and I have a mutual friend and we're like minded people, I decided I had to investigate further and not dismiss him for lack of web advertising skills. His education and resume' are INCREDIBLE:

Dr. Leonard is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and has been in practice in Utah for the past twenty-five years. His areas of special interest are facial rejuvenation (including the forehead, eyes, cheeks and neck), skin resurfacing, smoothing the contours of the face with fat transfer, breast modification (both enlargement and reduction), tummy tuck, and suction fat removal. He also sees patients for reconstruction following the treatment of cancers, burns, and injuries.

High school:Highland Park High School, Dallas (1961)
Spring Branch High School (1962) and Memorial High School (1963), Houston
graduated, Edina-Morningside High School, Minneapolis (1964)Undergraduate:Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
graduated, Bachelor of Arts, 1968Medical School:Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
graduated, Doctor of Medicine, 1971General Surgery:straight surgery intern, University of Colorado Medical Center,
Denver 1971-2
general surgery resident, 1972-5, senior resident, 1974-5
program director: Thomas E. Starzl, M.D.Plastic Surgery:Johns Hopkins University, 1977-79.
program director: John E. Hoopes, M.D.Maxillo-facial Surgery:Maryland Institute of Emergency Medical Services, University of Maryland, 1979
program director: Paul M. Manson, M.D.Hand Surgery:Raymond M. Curtis Hand Center, Union Memorial Hospital, 1980
program directors: Raymond M. Curtis, M.D. and E. F. Shaw Wilgis, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, Johns Hopkins University, 1979-1981

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Utah, 1981-1983

Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Utah 1983

Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Utah, 1986 to present

Since 1986 Dr. Leonard has been a volunteer with Interplast, Inc., an organization of plastic surgeons from throughout the world based in Palo Alto, California, which sends teams on invitation to developing countries to perform reconstructive surgeries at no cost to patients in the host country. The majority of patients are children with problems including birth defects of the lip, palate and hand, and scars from burns and trauma. A team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, recovery and operating room nurses, a pediatrician, and one or two support persons (usually numbering around ten), spend two weeks in country working with local surgeons to treat between eight and one hundred twenty patients. The team takes all of its supplies, dressings, sutures, instruments, necessary machinery, like cautery, suction and an autoclave with it. Physicians pay all of their own travel and living expenses. The nurses expenses are paid through charitable contributions. Dr. Leonard has made fifteen trips to eight countries over the past thirteen years. The countries are Honduras, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Philippines, China, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Larry and June first met on Interplast trip to Shanghai in 1993 and try to do at least one trip together per year.

Dr. Leonard has practiced plastic and reconstructive surgery in Utah for twenty-eight years. He completed his residency training in plastic surgery at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore where he also attended college and medical school. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Utah in 1981 he taught plastic surgery at Hopkins for two years. Since entering private practice in 1986 he has worked principally at the LDS Hospital where he has served two terms as chief of plastic surgery. His areas of special interest are facial rejuvenation( including the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and neck), skin resurfacing, smoothing of the contours of the face with fat transfer, breast modification (both enlargement and reduction), tummy tuck, and suction fat removal. He also sees patients for reconstructive surgery following treatment for cancer, burns, and injury particularly using microsurgical techniques. He has offices in both Salt Lake City and Park City.

Dr. Leonard is a native of South Carolina, as are his parents, his brother, and most of his relatives as far back as seven generations. He grew up in Dallas, Texas and attended high schools in Dallas, Houston, and Minneapolis. He obtained his undergraduate education at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and remained at Hopkins for medical school, graduating in 1971. He then completed a general surgery residency at the University of Colorado Medical Center in Denver and has obtained board certification in general surgery. He served two years as a major in the United States Air Force Medical Corp as a general surgeon stationed in Northern California before returning to Johns Hopkins for plastic surgery residency, which he completely in 1979. He remained in Baltimore for addition subspecialty training in surgery of the hand and a maxillofacial trauma fellowship. In 1980-81 he served as chief of plastic surgery at Baltimore City Hospital (now Bayview Medical Center) and full time faculty at Hopkins. During the same year he completed certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery In 1981 he joined the full time faculty at the University of Utah where he introduced microsurgical procedures not previously performed in the intermountain area. In 1986 he left the university to enter private practice in Salt Lake City, working principally at LDS Hospital, Primary Children's Medical Center, and Salt Lake Regional Medical Center . He passed the examinations for the Certificate of Added Qualification in Surgery of the Hand in 1990, the first year that the exam was offered to plastic surgeons.

WOW. This totally makes up for not having before and after pictures.

I am thinking my next closing will go towards breast augmentation. I also want to do smart-lipo and if I'm not totally satisfied, either a mini-tummy tuck or a full one. With all the weightloss, I think a mini may do it.

In any case, one boob for Christmas and one for my husband's birthday (Dec 21). Heee! :P

Friday, November 6, 2009

Super quick update - this day just gets better and better!

I had a follow up blood test after 2 abnormal test results on my liver enzymes.

My latest test results came back today.

Not abnormal... not even borderline...


I cannot tell you the relief!!

No way. NO FREAKIN' WAY! 117.4!

Needless to say, I dosed.

I am a little concerned that my HCG is losing potency by the minute given I have stopped for a few days on this bottle already. I think if I stop again, I better stay stopped as the HCG must be fading and I don't want to screw with stabilization. 117.4! 116.8 on the old one! Holy cow! I am WELL into the really healthy BMI zone where I'm not nearly so concerned anymore. YIPPEE!!

Okay, I'm going to try to relay what the psychic said while it's still fresh.

Before doing the cards, she asked for my husband's birth date and looked at his numbers. Apparently he's going through "the dark night of the soul" right now.

I explained my past briefly and explained where we're at now, what is happening with the children here, our lack of friends, my family having moved away, a husband who is sleeping the weekends away, etc., and that I want to leave and that it's taken me a long time to give myself permission to even feel this way at all. I told her that his company is based in Portland and I do have family there and that's where I want to go. All this time, she was shuffling her cards. She doesn't know (or does she??? ;) ) that I have that very deck and also read tarot cards, and though people interpret cards and positions a bit differently, I could at least get the gist of the cards. She pointed out several "moving" cards and said, "I shuffled the cards myself on purpose in case you were being delusional about this. You're not blowing smoke up your ass. I didn't pull any illusion cards. Lots of change and moving cards." and then pointed out one that she said indicates a location by the water with fog. I'd never read that card that way before, but the picture did match that description.

She said my husband is stubborn and difficult, but that he loves me deeply and though he doesn't recognize just how miserable he is, it was obvious he's stuck. I told her that he's actually beginning to recognize this himself, albeit very slowly. On a number of occasions he's remarked the lack of life we have. He just doesn't equate that with being here, and he's partly right there too. It's easy to get stuck in a comfortable routine, not make time to hire a babysitter and go out. Problem is, there is no where here we really want to go.

So, she summed it up that with some very good dialog. That this wasn't me being selfish. That I have been agonizing about this, and examining my feelings against past patterns and this really doesn't have to do with that. That this has to do with not having a life here, no friends, no family, the children being told they're going to hell if they don't convert is unacceptable and they shouldn't have to deal with this, and that I am watching him slip away into a depression and that I'm saying this and doing this totally from a place of love. From caring enough about my family to insist this change. His position is safe in Portland, the market is great for buyer's out there and we have enough equity in this one that selling now would be just fine.

She said he may balk a bit but that's his pattern to do so but that he needs this move as well, and she sees him making the move. Time frame is within the next year. I'll be ready anytime between January 2010-January 2011, and he'll be ready closer to December 2010.

It was a relief to hear I wasn't being delusional. She pulls no punches and doesn't tell you what you want to hear. She really tuned into his energy.

So, that was the gist of it!

Thanks for EVERYTHING all y'all! *HUGS*

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crazy, busy day

I won't take too much time to write this evening. I'm on day 2 of a 3 day migraine, so I'm trying to do as little as possible!

The meeting with Suzanne Wagner was fantastic. Before I could even open my mouth, she said this next year was the year the earth under my feet moves. I have everything on tape, however the tape player I thought I had is apparently with my parents and the least expensive one I could find was $34 and I'm simply not shelling out that kind of cash for this. If I come across a really cheap one, I'll get it and play the reading into my computer and record it to my hard drive. She did exactly what I'd hoped which was to truly focus the energy of what it is I need to convey into a concise, fluid, and defenseless form.

OH, and she told me about a supplement to help support liver and kidney function I'd not heard about before. A mushroom grown in Tibet. Cordyceps - Plum Flower brand. I'm going to try it!

The rest of the day was spent getting paperwork for a transaction I'm working on in order, an escrow account opened, and showing homes before I had to pick the kids up the kids from school. Out early again and no school tomorrow.

I'll report back tomorrow. If I've dropped below 118.3, I'll dose. Otherwise, nope.

Thanks all!

OH and this is a day late, but happy birthday Sesame Street!

118.8 - up .5 - no dose today :)

This is the dance I'll be doing until I stop losing or until I run out of HCG. No dose today, though I also haven't "moved" in a couple days - we'll see what tomorrow brings! I am THRILLED with a last dose weight of 118.3 (and really, I started out with the old scale, so I just may take that kiss ass reading od 117.7) :D

I made the mistake and said yesterday was my reading. It's actually today in a couple hours. I have to keep this brief as I need to get the kids to school and then get me ready to go. After that, I have to show homes and deliver paperwork to the title company, all before I pick the kids up early from school this afternoon. I will be on the go, go, go until about 1 today. That said, I'm going to grill my chicken and take it with me so i can eat it on the road. I won't get a chance to come home for lunch and though I know some are brave enough to eat out, I ain't one of them!

I've been so happy lately I'm having a hard time getting back into that energy from before which I really need to do before the reading. If I have time, I'll go over the writing again.

OK, I'm going to have some coffee and get started! I'll report back when I can - I'm very excited about this reading!

Happy releasing and such!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Even more pictures

I've not bought anything just yet, but I did take pictures of me in the dressing room again. :) I was told that there MAY be a sale this Saturday on any one full price item (40% off) so I'll check back then. I'm also going to Banana Republic on Thursday to see what they have. The only store with a petite section is 30 miles away.

Tomorrow at 10 I have my appointment with the psychic. I am really excited. I will report back, I promise! I may even upload the audio of it.

Okay lovies, here are the pictures from today. ALL size 4:

120.1 - 2nd no dose day - unless I drop tomorrow, this round is done. :)

I feel fantastic. I didn't make the goal I'd intended to make but I'm thrilled with the results nonetheless.

I don't anticipate dosing tomorrow, though that is the drop dead day to do so if I drop lower than 119.8, otherwise that is my last dose weight. Today is my drop dead date to stop dosing to be in P4 by Thanksgiving. We shall see, we shall see.

I entered a contest yesterday at Surface Spas. They do the smart lipo, loose skin lifts, and natural breast enhancement (using your own fat rather than implants). They have a contest to win the ultimate makeover. I have a tummy fold from the weight, c-sections, and hysterectomy. I'd love to get that taken care of. Also, without a great push up bra, my breasts are empty and sagging. I hope to have these treatments done regardless, but to win them? That would be incredible! I sent them a letter with my before and after picture, as well as why I deserve to win. That was a little awkward. I had to get my mind in the game and realize that I do deserve the treatments - why not deserve to win too after all this hard work?

The dress... it's not on sale! I NEVER buy anything not on sale.... oh what to do! I think I may go to Ann Taylor in the mall and see if they have a sale going and then make a decision. I do love that dress though! I'd love to have it for Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving...

We were to go to Oregon and rent a beach house and have an old fashioned Thanksgiving, but almost all the homes were already taken and those that weren't were charging Summer rates which were too expensive. We're splitting the cost on a home in...


15 minutes from my husband's office, no less!

My mom made sure I knew that she'd watch the kids so we could go out and discover the city. I am SO excited! My sister and her wasband will be there, as will my brother, his wife, and their girls. I can't wait to see everyone!!

I hope you're all having a terrific day! Thanks again for all of your support!

Monday, November 2, 2009

After showing property this afternoon, I stopped into the Ann Taylor Loft...

Size 4, my lovies!
From Sept 2008 to November 2009
Size 16 to a size 4
Down 50 pounds!

VLCD #30 - 120.1, up .2

I'm not discouraged - .2 is nothing, really, though I'd REALLY hoped to continue to be under 120. I pounded the water like mad yesterday too. Ah, well. I won't dose today. That makes 119.8 my last dose weight, however, if I drop tomorrow below that, I'll dose tomorrow. I feel totally in control! I just LOVE that.

I'm swamped today. Beginning of the month I have all the property management checks to deposit and this afternoon I'm showing homes. Wee!

Bought this over the weekend and tried it on super easy yesterday:

It was great fun! With just the little bit of exercise I've done, my butt already hurts. I'm going to lay off the exercise and see if that's why I had the gain. I'm really looking forward to playing this though! Between this and the Wii Fit Active, I have no excuses. :)

Full moon today. I need to take time to meditate and connect.

Oh, and for those interested (I can't imagine), here is an article from Saturday's paper. It pretty well sums up the political climate here in Utah, as well as how completely in bed it is with the Mormon church:

Rolly: Don't provoke the great, powerful Oz

It's going to be GORGEOUS today! I plan to make the most of it!

Have a wonderful day too!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

OH MY GOODNESS, I almost forgot! I've officially released 50 pounds!!

I started Sept. 2008 and 3 rounds later I have released 50 pounds!

*happy happy dance*

Thanks to ALL of you for being here with me on this journey! I appreciate you all more than you could know.

LAVENDERDIVA (and all y'all who have supported me)

VLCD #29

New scale...


Old scale...


I made it!!!! You just KNEW it didn't you??? :D

Thank you for believing in me!

Yesterday I printed out all the writing I've been doing lately, as well as a contract with someone who burned me, and my blood test results. I wrote down all old patterns I want to let go of and the consistent pattern is that need to hide. That goes. I then lit each page one by one and laid them down in the fire pit. I watched them float up to the sky in clouds of smoke. I blessed them and asked them for strength.

I did end up taking the kids trick or treating after all, but I insisted. My husband crashed on our bed and slept until 7:30 last night so while he napped, I fed the kids, got his dinner heating in the oven and set up the after dinner coffee. I was awake and ready as were the kids, so I just took them. Other than really hurting my left big toe and freezing my little fingers, it was very enjoyable to watch my kids. I was so impressed with how polite they were. :)

Happy Full Moon!

Ooooh! Ooooh! Susan Miller's November forecast is up!!