Saturday, November 21, 2009

P3 day 11 - 115.8 (1.9 over LLW and 1.9 under LDW)

I ate way too much salt and didn't drink enough water.I'm not concerned in the least though.

So, I'm procrastinating again. I need to scrub the toilets and bathrooms. They are hideous. We have a baby sitter tonight so we can get out to a Wine Club meetup. I'm looking forward to being social! It's been ages.

Hope you're all well!


lavenderdiva said...

I'd say your system likes your new LLW, even though you splurged on the salt. You're doing great!

You'll get to the other projects in front of you in due time. There's a lot on your plate (no pun intended!), and perhaps you just need some 'me' time.... hugs to you.

chipmunck said...

At least it's only more salt, something that is simple water weight! :) Not fat! :) yeay!

Have lots of fun! It's nice to have a break from things and have ME TIME!!!! :) Enjoy it to the fullest!

nikkispower said...

Yep, salt is a tricky thing. Round 1 I used too much and I really think that contibuted to such slow weight loss.

Enjoy your evening looks like a really nice and relaxing time.