Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is it with my weight dropping NOW? Day 1 P3 116.1 (115.7 on old scale)

My size six jeans are officially way too big. I cannot believe it! I'm thrilled and annoyed all at once (though the thrilled far out weighs the annoyed!).

My appointments went fantastic! Here is the email I sent my darling (I'm lazy and don't want to retype):

I LIKE him.

I had a really good consultation. I went over my concerns about the look being natural and the way a natural breast slopes versus so many augmented breasts and he said my body shape would work for that natural slope no problem. He also warned me about going too big because of the way my rib cage is shaped which I SO appreciated. We tried on some implants in a bra and a tank and DAMN, did I look good!

Anyway, for kicks I asked about a tummy tuck as I'd eventually want to do that too and was surprised to find out because my stomach muscles are so strong, he wouldn't even need to repair them, but simply get rid of the extra skin. He could do it at the same time which would tack on an extra week worth of recovery (normally it would tack on an extra month but because my tummy is in good shape, it's a lot less recovery time).

Anyway, I'm thinking of scheduling this for when your parents are here so we'd have the extra help.

OK, off to my next scary appointment!!! EEK!



So, it went great. I also loved that he didn't try to sell me more stuff. I went to a consult years ago and the guy wouldn't stop talking about all the things he could do to make me as perfect as possible. This guy validated where I was coming from and actually seemed relieved that I was realistic about my goals. He loved the "ski jump" analogy and actually wrote that down on the paperwork. The fact that he could do a relatively easy tummy tuck too just thrilled me. We communicated well, and his book was filled with one testimonial after another.

So, I told my husband that my commissions from this year just about covered the expenses and I have 2 more sales coming up that would cover the surgery, leaving the money in the bank to cover taxes. I told him how I was going to see if I couldn't move my other consult up and he finished my sentence saying "Or just cancel and go ahead and schedule for when my parents are here with the guy you saw today."

HHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! That would mean surgery in the first week and a half in December. I would have extra help from his family and it would be over the holidays so I wouldn't have to worry about work or taking the kids to and from school.


Now onto my next appointment....

OUCH !!! But so worth it (though hubby only gets to look, no touching for 48 hours!)!



Caitlin Murphy said...

WOW! What an awesome day for you! This is so dang awesome- all of it!!! :)

lavenderdiva said...

I am beside myself with excitement for you!!!!!!! WooHOO!! You sound like you had an absolutely terrific day, on so many counts! Man, you'll have new boobs and tummy before Christmas- I think its a good idea for your family to be there to help you through the recovery period. After my surgery, (this was before I was married) my mom came to stay with me for a few days, as I really needed help sitting up in bed from laying down, and laying down from getting out of the bed. Your chest muscles will be really tight for a while, and you just don't think about that. I slept in my bra and kept it on 24/7 to help give me additional support; it felt much better that way. You're gonna do great!!!

May I just say how impressed I am with your continued weight loss as well? YOU rock!!!! I knew you would do it..... Hugs to you friend!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful you found a doctor you like on your first consult. I hope you blog about this journey, how exciting to follow it! I'm so thrilled for you!

Miss Mary said...

Very good news. Yeah for great tummy muscles. So glad that your husband is on board with what you want to do. New boobies yeah! Curious what size are they :P

helderheid said...

Mine are currently a/b size. They were b/c size before kids... We're going to a full c :D

Miss Mary said...

You will love them. I bet that will add a pound or two to your overall weight :) but who cares right :P

helderheid said...

Miss Mary, I dropped over 2 pounds from yesterday!! I think it was the Universe preparing me for my breasts! LOL