Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's done!

First, I need to thank all of you for the support. I'm embarrassed but check back for comments more often than I am comfortable admitting to! Your support and feedback means the WORLD to me.

Second, it's done.

I called the surgeon I saw yesterday and scheduled the surgery for December 15 for EVERYTHING. I called the Quaker surgeon and cancelled my consult. As I hung up on that call, I looked down on my phone and saw the clock was at 11:11, which said to me I'd done the right thing.

Let me briefly explain 11:11.

When you read tarot cards, you can choose a certain card to be a signifier card, or a card that you know you will see if you were meant to ask the question or if the answer is particularly important to pay attention to. I've noticed lately that I have other symbols in my life that represent such signifiers - ones that bring me comfort and
represent that I'm on the right path. 11:11 has ALWAYS been one for me. I see it at least once a day on the clock. The Harley Davidson logo was one for a long time but is no longer.

More recently, FedEx trucks, and especially the arrow in their logo
(look closely between the E and the X).

Now, it's the car brand Audi. I see them everywhere. They aren't a particularly popular brand here, either. Yesterday I spotted 27. They say you see what you're looking for.

Oh, and I tried on the dress while stuffing my bra to the hilt. The 2 definitely fits. Speaking of size, I know it isn't protocol but I'm counting today as my LIW. I did it successfully first round so why not now!

Tomorrow I am getting a cut and color for my hair, and hopefully will have time to get the mammogram the doctor wants me to have to rule out any problems before surgery. I'm also presenting an offer on a home for a client. Think good thoughts!

**HUGS** to you all!


lavenderdiva said...

this is THE weirdest coincidence! Yesterday at work, my co-worker announced that 11:11 is her favorite number! My boss and I had never really paid much attention to it, but then we started noticing it, and it occurred at least twice during our day! She mentioned it AGAIN today. AND NOW YOU! This is freaking me out!

I am thrilled to bits for you on so many fronts: your boobs, your tummy, your dress, your hair, and last but not LEAST- your weight!! Could this round, your last and final round, have ended ANY better for you? I think not!

many, many hugs to you, my friend....

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! You are really going to be a whole new you by the new year. Wow!

helderheid said...

That is sooooooooo weird lavenderdiva! I wonder if you'll start noticing Audis too??? :)

Thank you both! I am so excited! This was my year to rediscover myself. When I look at my last collage (I do one every year for the new year - the background of my blog is a picture of it) I see I've accomplished all that was there. It's AMAZING to me.

nikkispower said...

I'm excited to see the outer you match the inner you!