Sunday, November 22, 2009

P3 Day 12 - 116.2 - I'm not surprised

There was NOTHING I could eat at the wine meetup last night, but I didn't want to drink on an empty stomach so I took globs of dip I brought (cheese cream based I think) and simply ate that. I'm sure everyone thought I was nuts. I don't know if there was sugar or starch in the dips. I felt they were probably safe, but I wasn't sure. Technically I don't need a steak day, but like round 1, I seem to be stabilizing lower so I'm doing a steak day anyway.

My dear friend is in town from Switzerland so we're meeting at a restaurant at 3 where I will order my steak. I may buy another small one to eat later as well.

Someone from Sparkpeople wrote me on my sparkpage to tell me she found my blog and read it from the beginning (hi Caligirl! *waves*). I should be packing for my trip and getting ready to meet my girlfriend, yet I went back and read this from the beginning as well. It's been one hell of a journey! I am so grateful. Beyond words grateful for this protocol and all the support I've had from all y'all while on it. Thank you.


lavenderdiva said...

Nothing? I would think at a wine and cheese party, you'd at least be able to have some cheese? That stinks. Did you get to wear your new dress? I'll bet you looked cute as a bug!

helderheid said...

You're so damned sweet! No cheese - bon bons, cakes and cookies. Who DOES that???