Saturday, November 7, 2009

To make up for my previous way too long post, something short and sweet

I've been logging my calories and exercise for years using fitness assistant.

Here is a graph of my weight loss in the last 3 years. Can you tell when I did my rounds? :)

Click on the image for a larger version.


helderheid said...

As you can see, this wasn't for a lack of trying!

lavenderdiva said...

Wow! those drops are remarkable! You should be so proud of yourself- You've come a long way, and can now enjoy your new shape! Hugs to you!

Caitlin Murphy said...

WOW! This is so awesome! My graph would have just kept going up, up and up for the past three years and then started to plummet. I think this is so neat you have this! What a victory!!!

I didn't see your last post until now- how exciting! I think once I am to a point where I am happy with my weight it would be interesting to at least humor the idea of plastic surgery.

helderheid said...

That's where I'm at too, Caitlin. I think I am very close to going for the boobs though. The rest may have to wait, if I opt to do anything more at all!

helderheid said...

Having the program to track it all has been so great, even during the time I wasn't losing. I was doing everything right and I have years of documentation to back that up! It's nice to know that and to see that and wonderful to see the line plummet when I began the HCG protocol!

I bought this program September of 2006.