Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I bought the dress!

Okay, after showing homes, I was in the neighborhood of Anne Taylor Loft and HAD to see if my dress was still there.

It was.

It was there, and it was marked down 50% off!!

Oh, I had to buy it now. Had to. However, I was now almost 5 pounds lighter than last I tried it on and 5 pounds off a 5' tall person is A LOT. So, into the dressing room I went with the size 4 I'd tried before, as well as a size 2.

The 2 fit.

I about screamed!!

I happily had the woman there ring it up. She gushed about how much she loved that particular dress and how they'd marked it down just the day before. I told her and the other clerk who was also going on about the dress that I'd been there last week and just couldn't get it out of my mind. The other clerk said, "That's how you know you just have to have something! When you can't get it out of your mind!"

I could burst, I'm so happy!

Now I am wondering however if I shouldn't take it back and exchange it for the 4. I am getting my "girls" a boost. I thought about that when trying them on and there is room for growth in both, just more in the 4.

What do you guys think??


Anonymous said...

What a sweet shopping trip all the way around, dress you want, sale and a smaller size. It couldn't of been any better!

Christy in Seattle said...

I say, unless you're getting surgery before year's end, keep the 2. Wear it often and love, love, love it!

helderheid said...

think I'll get surgery this month sooo I'm thinking the 4 may be better...

lavenderdiva said...

50% off!? Of course, you had to get it!! to know that you fit into a 2, yes a 2, WOW! I think you will be happier with the 4 though, once you get your new boobs. You will probably have to take in the waist and hips, but you won't be happy if the fabric is pulling across your chest. So, if it were me, I would exchange it for the 4. You probably don't have enough fabric in the chest of the 2 to let it out enough... Much easier to take in!

I can't wait to hear about how your appointments went today!! keep me posted.