Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Last day before P3. 116.5 today. Appointments made tomorrow. Now I need an adult warning!

Hey all!

116.5 on the NEW scale, 115.9 on the kiss assy old one. I remember after my first round that my last dose weight was in the 140s but I dropped into the 130s during the 72 hours before P3. Technically I shouldn't have hung onto that lower weight while stabilizing, but I couldn't face going back to the 140s after seeing the 130s. That said, if I can stabilize at a lower weight, by golly, I will! Less than 5 pounds from my original goal (though that doesn't seem important in the least anymore. I'm thrilled where I am!).

So, I have 2 appointments tomorrow... but one is not with a doctor...

I have an appointment with the most recommended surgeon tomorrow at 10. My friend sent me to a site of a surgeon in NY who is also an artist. His work is goooorrrrrgeous. I've printed my favorites and also emailed the surgeon what I want. This doctor I'm seeing doesn't have profile after pictures so I couldn't tell if he does the same kind of work. My husband and I have been looking at after shots and he explained it best, that most afters look so horribly round and therefore not real. That a natural breast curves in such a way that it looks like a ski jump down to the nipple, where as many augmented breasts gon't have that slope, but are curving over and round. I want the ski jump!

Here is the NY doc's website:


Here are my favorite afters:

The OTHER appointment I have...

I'm getting my first Brazilian! Not the people, the waxing! Hee! I am VERY nervous. I called my sister who I knew would be appreciative as she has sworn they are terrific. She was so pleased and said, "Oh this is so exciting! I remember my first Brazilian - it was so liberating!" and in the background I could hear her wusband snort and chuckle, "I'm outta here!".

Here's where I'm going and their explanation as to what to expect the first time. It gave me a laugh!




Christy in Seattle said...

Ouch! I hate waxing ... I'd so just rather shave, even if it is a pain sometimes!

Those breasts do, indeed, look great! I think you're exactly right about some boob jobs ending up too round. I've seen some where you can really almost see the outline of the implant ... bad doctor, no Lexus!

... and good for you on the weight loss!

Caitlin Murphy said...

You rock!!! haha! Great post and I am so jealous of the boobs and the Brazilian. ha! :) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

You are so gutsy! You are going to be one hot lady!

I ordered a Miraculous push-up bra from Vicki's Secret, it arrived yesterday. It does everything the ad promised.

helderheid said...

SO excited! OH and I went back to buy that dress... they had JUST marked it down to half off... and the SIZE 2 FIT!

helderheid said...

AR, I almost bought that but now that I'm getting surgery, I decided I best not! Congrats!!

Miss Mary said...

I like the breasts on the left :P. My girlfriend got hers done and I got to feel them. They were fantastic. So look who's bringing sexy back :)

Dont forget to post your after pics :P

helderheid said...

Miss Mary, the ones on the left are as close to perfection as I've EVER seen!!! I hope mine are as lovely! :D

lavenderdiva said...

I am SOOOO excited for you! I don't know where to start: 116.5!!!!!! How about starting there? That is just fantastic, helderheid! Congratulations-

I'm thrilled about your Dr's appt. I'm glad you want the ski slopes. The pictures you posted are both good examples, and beautiful results. They are a good proportion to the woman's frame as well. I know you will love yours!

Wow! a Brazilian! good for you! You will love how waxed skin feels; its very smooth! The waxing itself doesn't hurt like most people thinks it will. Its very fast, and the results are great.

I admire you so much for identifying your dreams, and going for it!! Hugs to you on discovering you!

chipmunck said...

Love the 'ski slope' image! It's so true, you can have the headlights pointing forward w/o bouncing a quarter off the top. They do look so fake. I love that you are going for the natural look! :) it's going to look great! :)

I had a reduction, and I don't regret it. It's going to be nice to have help in the house because you won't want to do anything to create long term scars. They say the less you let them mend, the less scaring you have! :) Yeay- pawning off work on others! :) Mom's rarely get that now a days! Really even back then either!