Tuesday, November 17, 2009

P3 day 7 - 113.4! 2 more weeks to go!

Hey, peeps! What a surprise this morning! I was feeling really stressed yesterday and fell into some wine and cheese. I thawed a steak just in case. No need, apparently!

My old scale has me at 114.7 which is so odd, given it's usually the suck up. Ah well, either way, I'm fine.

Front page on the paper today says women should wait until age 50 for a mammogram. Oh well! I apparently needed an appointment so it was a no go yesterday. I have an appointment Thursday night.

Speaking of the girls, the kids and I went to Target yesterday to buy a garland. Normally we'd wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate, but it's so cold here right now and the snow is on the ground. We'll be out of town for Thanksgiving so I figured we'd decorate early. As is often the case when with little people, my son began asking for other decorations. I told him we've got some major expenses coming up such as our trip, their Opa and Oma and Tante coming to visit, etc., we really couldn't afford to be frivolous. My daughter in full voice said, "That's right and then there are your new breasts. They'll be expensive". Oh my heavens, I can only imagine how big my eyes got at that point! My son is 9, and my daughter is 7. Hee hee!

Hugs to you all!


Christy in Seattle said...

I know what you mean about the early decorations. They are needed here in Seattle, with the gray and rain (although this morning is sunny!)

I think we'll put our tree up early this year. It really is cheering in the bleak grayness of Seattle.

nikkispower said...

I just loved that!!! Your children are so precious! That comment was just too much..so I'm guessing you bought a little something for them, huh? I would for being that clever..lol!

lavenderdiva said...

OMG-- they are really little sponges soaking up everything around them! Its always amazing how they pick up on stuff going on!! That is way too cute-

It'll be nice to have the house already decorated, before your trip/relatives arrive/ta-ta's. That way you can enjoy it that much longer!

So glad to hear that your system adjusted itself so quickly -- you are wearing your new size VERY WELL! Congratulations! (glad to hear about Dec. 15th...... ;))

chipmunck said...

LOL. Gotta love kids! :)

I heard somewhere and read in magazines that 40 is the time to get yearly mamograms. Since they are adding I can see them wanting it first. When they take out they simply take out and test. :P