Monday, November 23, 2009

P3 day 13 - 115.3

The steak was way salty and once more I was terrible with my water intake. Still, I dropped so that had me happy.

I've been packing like mad. We leave first thing in the morning for a verrrrrrry long drive. With stops for gas and bathroom breaks, I expect it will take about 13+ hours. We'll split up the driving. Still, it should prove to be an extremely long day.

OH, I almost forgot! I need to pack my scale! I think I'll take suck up with me. :)


lavenderdiva said...

Hey, there! I hope you have a WONDERFUL trip and good time-- Yeah, I would take suck-up scale too. Best to take the one who tries the hardest to please!

Good to hear your steak day worked; the salt will work itself out. Drink lots of water tomorrow on your drive (even though you may have to make more frequent stops!).

Will you still be blogging while you are gone? If not, have a fabulous Thanksgiving!! much love to you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a successful steak day!

You got me laughing at your comment about the scale!

Have a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving!

nikkispower said...

Enjoy your trip!
You are missed!

chipmunck said...

Hope your having fun! Missing your posts! I hope Portland is treating you well! Portland is awesome!