Monday, November 2, 2009

VLCD #30 - 120.1, up .2

I'm not discouraged - .2 is nothing, really, though I'd REALLY hoped to continue to be under 120. I pounded the water like mad yesterday too. Ah, well. I won't dose today. That makes 119.8 my last dose weight, however, if I drop tomorrow below that, I'll dose tomorrow. I feel totally in control! I just LOVE that.

I'm swamped today. Beginning of the month I have all the property management checks to deposit and this afternoon I'm showing homes. Wee!

Bought this over the weekend and tried it on super easy yesterday:

It was great fun! With just the little bit of exercise I've done, my butt already hurts. I'm going to lay off the exercise and see if that's why I had the gain. I'm really looking forward to playing this though! Between this and the Wii Fit Active, I have no excuses. :)

Full moon today. I need to take time to meditate and connect.

Oh, and for those interested (I can't imagine), here is an article from Saturday's paper. It pretty well sums up the political climate here in Utah, as well as how completely in bed it is with the Mormon church:

Rolly: Don't provoke the great, powerful Oz

It's going to be GORGEOUS today! I plan to make the most of it!

Have a wonderful day too!


Christy in Seattle said...

Grr! It just seems WRONG that EXERCISE makes us (temporarily, anyway) gain. I'm off to do cardio and Pilates at the gym. I guess we'll see if I gain tomorrow!

chipmunck said...

I bet you are gaining some muscle which really throws off the numbers. :( But we just look better w/ more muscle. That is why I bought that fat % calculator. heh.

But you are doing really well!! You have lost inches and that I feel is the MOST important. I bet you have been losing fat for muscle gain though!

nikkispower said...

Yeah, you might be gaining because of the exercise, but I understand why everyone wants to do it. I want to start jogging so bad but I know that it'll slow me down so I'm waiting patiently..I need to get rid of so much abnormal fat.

You're doing great!