Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Even more pictures

I've not bought anything just yet, but I did take pictures of me in the dressing room again. :) I was told that there MAY be a sale this Saturday on any one full price item (40% off) so I'll check back then. I'm also going to Banana Republic on Thursday to see what they have. The only store with a petite section is 30 miles away.

Tomorrow at 10 I have my appointment with the psychic. I am really excited. I will report back, I promise! I may even upload the audio of it.

Okay lovies, here are the pictures from today. ALL size 4:


Anonymous said...

Look at the smile on your face! It tells us how much fun you are having trying on clothes in your new size. Enjoy!

You got such a cute little hour glass figure. AR

Miss Mary said...

Very sexy. I like the color blue on you.

nikkispower said...

That blue one is awesome and complements your color!