Thursday, November 5, 2009

118.8 - up .5 - no dose today :)

This is the dance I'll be doing until I stop losing or until I run out of HCG. No dose today, though I also haven't "moved" in a couple days - we'll see what tomorrow brings! I am THRILLED with a last dose weight of 118.3 (and really, I started out with the old scale, so I just may take that kiss ass reading od 117.7) :D

I made the mistake and said yesterday was my reading. It's actually today in a couple hours. I have to keep this brief as I need to get the kids to school and then get me ready to go. After that, I have to show homes and deliver paperwork to the title company, all before I pick the kids up early from school this afternoon. I will be on the go, go, go until about 1 today. That said, I'm going to grill my chicken and take it with me so i can eat it on the road. I won't get a chance to come home for lunch and though I know some are brave enough to eat out, I ain't one of them!

I've been so happy lately I'm having a hard time getting back into that energy from before which I really need to do before the reading. If I have time, I'll go over the writing again.

OK, I'm going to have some coffee and get started! I'll report back when I can - I'm very excited about this reading!

Happy releasing and such!


Christy in Seattle said...

What day of this round are you on?

helderheid said...

I think 33... same as Lavenderdiva