Thursday, November 19, 2009

P3 day 9 - 115.4 (yesterday 115.2)

Woah, what a day.

Sorry to have been MIA. So much happening. I had a closing today (YEAH!! I am so happy for EVERYONE involved!), I had the thermogram (which was also very cool - bet no one has said that about a mammogram except a doctor!), and have been working on my next transaction, which was accepted 2 days ago. How I'd love to be this busy in real estate all the time!!

I won't have the results of my test for 2-4 weeks, she said, though I told her we HAD to have it before 4 weeks, as I am due to have surgery Dec 15. She assured me she'd rush it. I'm going to call her tomorrow and give her my email address in hopes of being able to communicate more easily that way and perhaps get updates more often.

I'm doing a steak day today, though I really didn't need to. I expected to need to so I thawed the steak and now it has to be eaten so there you go.

I returned the little black dress... I replaced it with a much more practical sweater dress that I also couldn't get out of my mind that I will be able to wear this Thanksgiving, to wine meet ups, closings, and just whenever AND with my BOOTS!

Picture this with black tights and my knee high boots:

I have no idea what I'm doing with my mouth in this picture...

I was also about 8 pounds heavier in this picture than when I bought the dress. Looks lots better now. So very happy!

** HUGS **


Christy in Seattle said...

you look amazing! glad you're hitting a busy time at work. that must be a huge relief!

helderheid said...

Thanks! Old picture though. Ha. Funny to say that.

Anonymous said...

You look really good! I like the dress with the right accessories I think you can dress it up or down. Great Choice! I've been seeing a lot of fashion blogs and started one, too. Great ideas to be stolen....duplicated. LOL

Have you noticed a difference between the last few pounds you lost? It seems I lost my last few lbs in my face and I'm getting comments that I look tired and run down...even by Hubby who never has an unkind comment to say to me. I did go to docs yesterday to get thryoid rechecked.

nikkispower said...

Yes, you look so happy and like I said before blue looks great on you! What a great time in your life now, huh!? You're doing great!

helderheid said...

thanks all! It's actually a camel color. Really pretty!

AR, I don't appear to look drawn with the last weight but I can say it appears in P3 I am continuing to reshape, and I'm LOVING that.

I'm sorry about your experience. It's fortunate though that your husband is honest! Let me know what the doc says about your thyroid. That could be it!

lavenderdiva said...

hey, sweetie! may I just say how fabulous you look? You are radiating JOY! I think there are so many things turning your way recently, you are just beaming!! You look wonderful in your new dress, and yes, I agree you made the right choice. You will be able to wear this dress far more than the other one, even though you looked great in it too!

I'm loving hearing how even though your weight is maintaining, your shape is changing. That's terrific!

love ya- hugs.