Sunday, November 8, 2009

HAD to post - I heard back from the fantastically educated Quaker surgeon!

The other physician I planned on making an appointment with tomorrow is one of his partners!

I will call the office first thing in the morning. Thank you so much for the reply and explanation!



Larry Leonard wrote:
> Clarity,
> Thanks for your note. I do not use before and after pictures. I feel that this is a poor way to choose a surgeon since the worst surgeon can present a few good results. What one would like to see is the last ten (or one hundred) unselected results. Only this would reflect a surgeon's mean outcome and not just the very best that he can achieve. Also each patient, including you, is unique. The fact that one patient with a given anatomy achieved a good result does not mean that another patient with different anatomy will. My six partners at are all excellent, also younger and less opinionated than me, and do not generally share my aversion to pre and post operative pictures. Please look through their galleries. You will see only very good results.
> I am also not impressed with "smart lipo." This is a heavily marketed minor variation on the lipo techniques we have been using quite successfully for more than twenty years. There are sixty board certified plastic surgeons in Utah, and I do not know of anyone who is using "smart lipo." Where skin tightening by heating is the aim perhaps there will be a place for the use of the laser, but this is not yet clear.
> Most plastic surgeons in Utah including myself do not charge for cosmetic consults, so I would be pleased to actually visit with you in person, examine you, and make a recommendation about the surgeon who is most likely to satisfy your needs. Please call the office at (801) 408-2508 to make an appointment.
> Larry
> Larry G. Leonard, M.D. FACS
> Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah
> Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah

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