Saturday, August 29, 2009

New plan (and pictures)!

My trip to San Diego has been cancelled so I don't have to worry about being on the protocol during early November! Woohoo!

That said, my new plan is to load October 17 (my 10 year anniversary) and 18, and be on P2 from Oct. 19 to November 15 (a total of 26 days and 2 days of loading which is how many days worth of HCG I have) which will have me in P3 until December 10th. I'll have to do a P3 friendly Thanksgiving, but that's fine with me. Very doable as the turkey is really all I want.

WOOHOO! I am so ready to do this and do it right! I cheated a bit last round with a shot of vodka here and there. I won't this time. Also, I have read that Dr. Gedde has discovered that mixing the HCG with alcohol destroys some protein in the hormone. I've been told the best way to mix now is with saline solution so that's the plan this time. I'm hoping it will go a little more smoothly than last round (which was nuts).

I had to do a steak day yesterday but that got me to 124.1 (LDW is 123.4). I'm doing an extremely low carb day today (chicken breasts which I've not had since the protocol - SO yummy on the Foreman grill and sooo low in calories and fat!). I am hoping to see another drop as I hate being on the high end of acceptable. I have a goal to be at 120 by Oct 17 so that after my load days I won't be too terribly high, and then it is my hope and goal to get to 110-112 this last round. That's my ideal weight.

Okay, and now for some recent pics taken in the last couple months! I'm around 123 and 124 in these.

Till next time!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bleh. I have to wait until after my birthday

The timing simply won't work out any other way. It's very disappointing as I had mentally geared up to do this. That and I'm on the high side of my LDW and have had to do far too many steak days as of late. I'm sure the stress I'm under is partly to blame. I am proud of myself for not letting it get out of hand and correcting it when it goes over but I fear my cholesterol levels!! :)

So, I'll load on my birthday, January 28. In the meantime, I will do steak days as needed. It could be a lot worse.

I'm at 125.1 today. I was at 126.1 yesterday and did a steak day to correct. I'd really hoped it would have been more of a loss as I am allowed to get to 125.4. The chances of me having to do a steak day tomorrow are too high for my taste. Oh well. I think things will be much easier once the kids are back in school full time. I plan on starting the Wii Fit Active 30 day challenge. I'd really like to lose 5 pounds in between now and the start of my next round so the load weight won't be so painful. That's about a pound a month. I can do that, can't I? If I just add regular exercise?

Hope you're all well!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I have a plan! I've devised a cunning test!

Okay. My plans didn't pan out. My parents are moving late September and I'm helping. No way I'll be doing the VLCD then.

I couldn't figure out how to do this until after my birthday (Jan 28) but I think I can do this sooner. Oct. 17 is my 10 year anniversary. If I do my load days Oct 16-17 and 26 VLCD day, by Nov 17 or so I can go to P3 - that means I'll be low carbing at the NAR meetings but I can do that.

CRAP NAR is the 13-16th.

AGH I am sure I can figure this out somehow!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Possible change of plans.

I'd hoped to be in P4 by my anniversary. My parents were going to babysit while my husband and I went to Las Vegas for our 10 year anniversary, however my parents have accepted a position in Oregon that begins the first of October. Our anniversary is the 17th of that month. *sigh* So, if we want to go to Vegas, it will have to be between now and October. That said, I may put off this round until after that, and most likely after a convention I'm attending in November. Of course the holidays follow that, so it looks like I better do this after the holidays. My birthday in Jan 28. I have enough HCG for 28 days. Gah, what to do? I could start on the 1st of the year (my HCG expires in 2014) or I could start after my birthday and have that be my load day. Harumph. Oh, and there's my very close friend who is visiting the end of this month as well all the way from Switzerland so I certainly don't want to be on P2 with her here.

What to do?