Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 12 LM - 118.3 (+2.4, + 1.6 of LDW)

I blew a kiss to my scale this morning! Yes, it was a massive gain but I expected a massive gain... but I'm still in range!!

Obviously I'm carb cycling low today. I really have to remark how much healthier I feel when I'm eating low/healthy carbs versus the crap I allowed into my system yesterday. Yuck. I'm grateful to know that if I want to indulge from time to time I can, but also happy to know I really don't miss that stuff. It never really was my thing in the first place, and I'm certainly not going to make it a habit now.

I feel the best when I eat Mediterranean style. I really need to avoid sugar and white flour. My body rebels, and it's not good for anyone anyway.

Next time I carb cycle up (Autumn Rose, I just love that term!), I will stick with whole grains and more fruits. This time of year it would be a crime not to partake of all the local yummies being sold at the fruit stands.

Off to check in on you guys!


Incredible Shrinking Me said...

OK... Aside from the general no sugars/starches on P3, is there another guideline or set of rules somewhere??? I don't remember reading about them in P&I and I am definitely worried about starting P3.

Carb up? Carb down? Clean P3 eating = Confusion. LOL HELP?!

helderheid said...

Carb cycling has NOTHING to do with the protocol! :) Ignore that if you're thinking of P3. I'm in P4 right now. P3 is just as you said, no sugars no starches. Stick to that and you should be fine!

Incredible Shrinking Me said...

Ok, gotcha... Totally not part of the protocol. LOL

Also, what is clean P3 eating? I mean is it anything different aside from the no carb, no sugar? I am just trying to get things together before I go out of the country in a few weeks. Will be on P3 then going into P4, so I want to be as prepared as possible.

helderheid said...

P3 clean eating is no sugar and no starches - I tend to lean towards more Atkins type dieting.

Anonymous said...

Pick one day a week to splurge on a meal...everything from appetizer to dessert, couple it with a carb up day. I use to do "free days" but afraid to go completely back to that routine just now. The rest of the week keep you carb up days to the healthy carbs, avoiding process foods, white flour and refined sugars.

I had a carb up day yesterday. I took digestive enzymes. The scale showed a small gain until after some potty action. Then, my weight was the same as yesterday's weight.

helderheid said...

LOL AR! And thanks so much for the direction. :) I need your guidance!

Incredible Shrinking Me said...

LOL Thanks Autumn! Definitely made things more clear. And thanks Clarity. Confusion has been lifted. P3 clean is exactly what it says in P&I.

Kathryn said...

I can just picture you kissing your scale : )

When you say mediteranean, is that similar to the south beach plan...

lavenderdiva said...

Ya know what I'm wondering, is if your new Rx for thyroid could also be helping you stabilize so well? I think it might be. How much more did your new Dr. put you on?

I'm thinking my Rx might need to be tweaked, but I can't afford another thyroid test anytime soon. My last test was almost $400, and I'm still trying to figure out a way to pay that off.

I'm thrilled to bits that you're stabilizing so well, and that you're trying the carb-cycling. Its all good!

love you much!

helderheid said...

Kathryn, yes! South Beach! :)

LD, I think it has a HUGE part in it. He put me on double my medicine. Same dose, but twice a day. I am sure this is helping BIG time!


helderheid said...

LD, I am so lucky I have insurance... I am so sorry you can't afford more tests! I think it's a crime how much they charge!