Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 1 LM - 114.2 (+ .5, - 2.5 of LDW)

I did it! Made it to P4 at the low end of my range (a little lower but only slightly so). I do believe pilates are in my future plans for today! I wish I'd thought to have bought yogurt. That sounds good to me this morning.

My kids and I watched "Losing it with Jillian" yesterday. The mom was a smoker and Jillian talked to her about it. It really affected my kids, especially my son (who constantly is putting stuff in his mouth still at age almost 10 - I've no doubt smoking may be a concern with him in the future). Later when my husband was home, my son asked him to quit smoking as he was walking outside to light up. My husband sort of blew him off, and I could see the hurt in my son's face. I rushed to him and told him it was okay, and not to push his dad about this. Then I stopped myself and thought, "Wait a second. Why are you telling him to keep his feelings to himself?". At that point I said, "You know what? Never mind. If you want to tell him how you feel, go right ahead. I am so, so proud of you. That was really brave."

I can't believe how long I've told my kids to keep quiet about issues like the smoking, moving, etc., etc... how completely unfair to them, and to my husband for that matter. Again, the habit of hiding. Why would I instill that in my own kids?!

Love you and thank you guys.


2 videos to make you SMILE :)

And now a different version... :)


Kathryn said...

Wow - first day of LM. Sounds sooo good. I can't wait to say those words. You've made it there!!

Encouraging your kids to express their opinions is a good thing. I have three girls but the oldest one is in the gifted program and wise beyond her years. So sometimes her opinion is not always what I want to hear! I think on LM when the focus is not on the strict eating and/or maintaiing then other aspects of life will present themselves more in the forefrontand you will want to focus on them. That's a good thing.

lavenderdiva said...

I'm so proud of you for seeing what was happening with your son & your husband. And ending up encouraging your son to share his feelings with his Dad. This may be the way to encourage Dad to rethink his position on smoking.

Congratulations on making it to LIFETIME MAINTENANCE!!!!!!! I can't believe, after all this time, here you are! You've worked SO incredibly hard, and persevered through some very difficult times, only to come out on the other side, the YOU you always dreamed you could become. YOU DID IT!!! WooHOOOOOOO!!!

love you!

helderheid said...

Thanks to BOTH OF YOU for the extremely kind and encouraging words! I truly feel beyond blessed you came into my life. COMPLETELY! :)

john said...

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Bunpoh said...

Wow, congratulations! I'm totally blown away. You've made it to the end. Great job!

And I agree, way to go with encouraging your kids and yourself to express how you feel.

You've inspired me. I left you something on my blog. Here's the link! I don't know if you do that kind of thing, but if you don't, no big deal. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making to LM! You've worked hard for it and have set a great example for others! You are an inspiration.

I'm close behind you. It's P4 for me and then LM.