Wednesday, June 30, 2010

P3 Day 7 - 116.4 (- 1.9 -.2 of last dose weight)

You'd think I'd done a steak day! Actually, because I know the socializing had caught up with me over the weekend, I knew super clean eating would knock the weight back down. I know I have 2 pounds over to play with, but I must say psychologically I feel so much better when I'm under LDW.

I'm feeling ultra stressed. I'm not complaining about all the work I have (I have 4 closings within 4 days of one another coming up this week and next), but the details are giving me tummy pains. Being responsible for other people's largest financial investments and making sure they get in alright, that everything is what they expect it to be, etc., etc. is truly overwhelming. I form personal relationships with all my clients and if there's a blip, I feel it. I am particularly worried about a client who not only bought her new home with me but listed her old one as well. It couldn't have gone more smoothly, except the logistics of getting her moved while her buyer moves into her old home. Gads, the juggling! Fortunately everyone wants everyone to win here, and I feel we've got a solution, however not after calls to the buyer's agent, and the selling agent, and her lender, and texts, and emails, all the while writing a lease option for another client and scheduling a walk through and closing for another client.

Needless to say, my home looks like a train wreck. 

I did manage to get my donated clothes donated! Now to separate the clothes for all Y'ALL who are rapidly shrinking as well as the stuff for ebay. If I could make enough to cover what I've bought from there, I'd be more than thrilled. 

Off to check in on all y'all!


Incredible Shrinking Me said...

WOW... Awesome loss!!! Congratulations! I can only imagine the stress that you are going through right now. Eek.

I am sorting my clothes too! I can't wait to be done. I bet it is a big relief now that you have them taken care of. Ok, back to sorting!

helderheid said...

I've got more sorting to do! Thanks for the congrats and congrats to you too!!

lavenderdiva said...

I just KNEW you'd see a good loss today! I'm still convinced the main reason for the so-so loss on your steak day was the garlic salt. Once you got that out of your system, you would see a larger loss, and you did!!

4 closings in 4 days!! WooHOO! Are you on a roll or what? Its no wonder you are such a successful agent: you take such good care of your clients! THAT sort of care results in great referrals. You are very special, and your clients trust you. I have no doubt you are going to exceed your financial goals for this year.

It probably seems that everything is scattered in your world. But knowing you (and how organized you are), its not really that way. You have a plan, and I know that you will get everything under control in a short time. You are a person who makes things happen. Including for yourself! You are very gifted that way (which is another reason your business is succeeding as well as it is).

So, there's lots to do in your world right now, but there's also lots of reward associated with accomplishing that work. You'll get it all done, don't worry-

love you!

helderheid said...

LD, your faith in me is beyond appreciated!!! I love you!