Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 2 P3 117.8 (-.5, -1.9 under LDW)

Wow, I didn't expect to see that drop!! I'm not complaining... :)

Okay, so I came across a link from one of the HCG yahoo groups about a new study that shows higher sublingual doses are more effective in weight loss, and that mixing with sterile saline solution is the best way to go. I've noticed my 2nd week of doses are weaker than the 1st week's despite freezing my solution for the 2nd week and thawing when I was ready to use it and had concluded I would be buying 2000 iu instead of 5000 and to mix more often for future rounds. I have the 1 vial of 5000 iu left for me when I come back from my trip to use after the planned interruption, so THIS time, I'll mix it with half the solution and use it just the one week and see how it goes! YAY, experimentation AND it cuts my time to 1 week instead of 2 when I get back! Here's a quote from that group:

Dr Belluscio Study 22

Dr Belluscio is the world expert on hcg and the only one to do good studies on it. Yesterday I found his newest research. He found that increasing the sublingual (RX) dose to 250iu 2x a day increases weight loss. Interesting!
He also found the buffers he'd been using of Sodium Bicarbonate and glycerin to buffer the hcg degraded it so just uses sodium chloride.

I found sterile solution here:

Hopefully it will be here when I get back!

OKAY, off to finish everything before I hit the road! I'll have my laptop with me and update along the way... of course, my scale is coming too! :)

Ta ta for now!


Anonymous said...

You are doing so good! I hope you enjoy your road trip and have a good time. Drive safe!

PS I borrowed your idea and added some WF choco syrup to my coffee. Heaven!!!

helderheid said...

Isn't that YUMMY???? :)

Thanks so much!

lavenderdiva said...

What a fantastic round you had this time! I wanted to tell you that you looked beautiful yesterday for your date night, and it sounded like you and Mr. helderheid had a lovely evening- Obviously, with your drop this morning, the breaded mushrooms didn't have any effect on you!

So. How do we mix for SL now? Is it better to use saline solution than the distilled water/vodka mix we've been doing? Also, if I mixed 8ml total solution to my hcg before, for a dose of 125ml 2X's per day, what dose am I supposed to do now, and how do I mix it?

I hope you have a wonderful road trip!!

love ya....

helderheid said...


I am no math wizard. I have mixing instructions on my website for sublingual which yields 20ml solution that I split between two vials, one to be frozen, that has 125 per dose 2 times a day. I plan to mix the same HCG (5000 iu) with half the solution (now no vodka or water, straight saline solution) for 2 doses a day in 1 vial (1 week) of 250 per dose 2 times a day. Hope that helps!!