Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 1 P3 118.3 (-3.3, -1.4 under LDW)

I'm drinking coffee with creeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam and some WF chocolate syrup and it's a MOCHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. YUM! I'm also sitting in my new jeans I got from ebay - my new "fat pants" size 4 petite curvy boot cut... they're too big! The other 4s aren't "curvy" and fit like a glove. I'll wash these and stick them on high heat in the dryer. They'll be perfect for the road trip! Kelly, I'll put your package together of my 6s when I get back!

Oh my goodness, what a DAY yesterday! I can't wait to see the pictures from the photo shoot. Want to hear about a small world? My photographer is my surgeon's niece! Considering what an artist he is, I am in good family hands! She was a delight. It will take about 3 weeks to get all the pictures but she'll touch up a couple ahead of time that I can use right away. :)

I SOLD MY LISTING! I've had it less than a week. I didn't even have the lock box on it and was actually going out there to put the sign up when we got a FULL PRICE OFFER (from the ONE showing it had had). I'm so glad to have that taken care of!

Today I am getting another home under contract for dear friends. I really hope it works out for them! Their landlord put their rental on the market and it's priced out of their range so they have to find a place... and I do believe we found just the perfect one! Oh say it's so, Gods of Real Estate!

SO much to do to get ready! Gotta go! *HUGS*


Lis said...

Woot!! Looking good Helderheid!!
Have FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Girlie, you must be setting your corner of the world on fire! I can't wait to see those pics.

Am I understanding that you lost 3.3 lbs over night?! Wow!!!!!

Kathryn said...

Congrats on selling your listing so fast! I wasn't able to open the attachments in the email today. I wish I could have given you my opinion. I'm going to try again on a different computer and see if maybe it's a problem with the version of adobe reader. I'll let you know. I'm sure your pics look amazing!
Good luck getting the rest of the stuff done/ready for the trip - one step at a time.

helderheid said...

Thanks guys!!

AR, I KNOW, right? I thinkit was the sunburn.