Tuesday, June 29, 2010

P3 Day 6 - 118.3 (- .7 - +1.7 of last dose weight)

Jen said it best, "Long yummy weekends equal steak day mondays :)" INDEED!! Good thing we know they work!

As you can see, it didn't work as well as it could have. I am baaarely in my "zone", however I know why. The steaks I bought from Costco were HUGE. I was too hungry to wait any longer to eat it by about 3, and I had every intention of just having half and then eating the other half later but before I knew it, my plate was empty. I figured no problem, I just won't eat dinner. Well, come 8 pm or so, I was hungry again (which is WAY too late to be eating). I sliced a hunk off another of the steaks and had it... with a lot of garlic salt. All that said, I still consider yesterday a success and I will be very careful the next couple of days to stick to basic P2 style meats with a little cream for my coffee and cheese for good measure. :) I will also look for the steaks I had last time I did an inadvertent steak day - I wouldn't have picked them out myself, but my husband did - VERY lean, but still juicy and I imagine fewer calories.

I think I may have found homes for 2 people looking for lease options! I've emailed the info to one, and I'm showing the other. Think positive moving thoughts for them!! Both were renting and both of the landlords decided to put their homes on the market waaaaaaaay above market value so they have to move.

So, the home my parents used to live in that is right next door is still vacant! It turns out whomever bought it is doing a fix and flip, though there hasn't been movement there in weeks, and there is no sign in the yard. It's so weird to me that no one has lived there since they left. Anyway, as a homeowner and a Realtor, I'm pleased that it will be sold again, most likely this time at a higher value which benefits ALL the neighbors' home values.

Okay, well, if you've made it this far I'd be shocked! :) Morning babble as the coffee makes its way to my brain. FUN!


Lis said...

You are down - great! And you have a good plan for the next couple of days!! Correction days rock!!

lavenderdiva said...

I'll bet the garlic salt stumped your loss yesterday. Drink lots of water today, and I'll bet you see another loss tomorrow morning.

You are wheeling & dealing! I'm so happy for you in your real estate dealings. Proof positive that you must be a fantastic agent! Your buyers & sellers are lucky to have you on their team!

love you!

Anonymous said...

It seems you are always on the move...and it looks like your mind is never still either...all that out coffee! I'm glad your steak day was succesfful despite the few problems!